40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils


Web designers spent lots of time in making mock ups of web pages, in which they have to use Web UI elements again and again. They can really save time if this Web UI element kits and stencils are already available to them.

In this article we have listed 40 completely free Web UI kits and stencils, which can be used in initial mockup or wireframing. Most of these files are available in .psd, .ai or png format.

1. Free Web UI Element Pack

If you want to optimize applications found on the web UI element, which contains some tools that will help you to achieve more optimal results. Some of the tools that you can use them is Loading Bar, Button, Toggle Button, and also random applications. Some of these tools you can optimize in order to become even easier for you just learning about the user interface.

Free web UI element pack 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

2. Massive Web UI Button Set

If you see, the button set of elements that we display are several applications and functions of each button, especially for those who want to simplify the user interface itself. The application and view there are several types of buttons that have several different functions, depending on what application you want to use, such as scroll bars, drop down, loading element, the login box, and several interfaces that are very commonly used in a web application, either that form of animation or flash applications.

Massive web UI button set 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

3. Mac OS X Interface 2

For Apple computer users with the Mac operating system will definitely get more menus and features during the setting of some of these functions. For example, if you want to display a document in order to appear more attractive. Several types of arrangements contained in this feature appears more flexible and easier for you to use, especially those already familiar with the operating system.

Mac OS X Interface 2 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

4. Flex 3 Stencil

If we look from the display image below, the existing user interface will help you to make arrangements for some applications that will be used. Where each component in the form of buttons and features there are some functions for each sub-button and a separate category which represents the excess of these elements in the web UI. In addition to a more complete feature, this interface also consists of a variety of functions, such as labels, text inputs, hyperlinks, and some other features.

Flex 3 Stencil 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

5. Web Page Elements

Often to get the look and interactive web pages, we should be able to customize the look of some components of the web itself, such as font size, font color used, the type fonts available, and some icons that might be needed for your web interface can become more alive . As in several other applications, a feature found on this UI also consists of several key features, such as headings, form elements, content management function, image placeholders, etc.

Web Page Elements 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

6. Yahoo Design Stencil Kit

Yahoo stencil is one component of a web “User Interface ” element with a fairly complete, so this application to be one choice of web designers. This is because these applications already available for the OmniGraffle, Visio (XML), Adobe Illustrator (PDF and SVG), and Adobe Photoshop (PNG), so it would be easier for you to make modifications to some web page elements on that interfaces.

Yahoo Design Stencil Kit 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

7. Eclipse Stencil for OmniGraffle (TM)

As contained in the Flex 3 Stencil, especially in the menus and display provided by the web element, from which most of the more priority to the main menu and are also frequently used applications. Some features are also divided into several categories, such as applications for navigation, title, font size, and also search field. With a view that is quite friendly is expected to be easier for you to perform some functions of setting and grouping of categories.

8. Browser Form Elements PSD

Some browser applications require complementary tools to maximize the function of the browser itself. Supporting applications that are made must be in accordance with the wishes of the user’s browser, not least the use of web elements that can be applied into some type of browser, especially those requiring high security level. This is very useful to anticipate the existence of bugs that often annoy you while browsing on the Internet. It required some element of web applications are secure and easy to use.

Browser Form Elements PSD 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

9. Open Source Social Software Toolkit

Currently, many existing social networking media on the Internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, and several other types of social networking. To build an application like this, then you will be able to create a social networking site that consists of several kinds of navigation and the main function for this kind of site, for example, meet, talk, share, read, work, publish and explore.

Open Source Social Software Toolkit 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

10. Free PSD : Check box replacement

Features contained in this web application element serves to build a navigation menu located on the web, especially commercial web application, where there are several buttons with different functions. In more simple, the application is widely used in several menus checkbox that you often encounter, where in general there are only two main functions of a navigation button.

Free PSD Check box replacement 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

11. Facebook GUI Free PSD Resource

I’m sure you’re familiar with social networking on this one. Because it is so popular that within a few years, this site has become one of the sites with a very large number members of course. To build a nice display, lots of applications and software that you can use in order to look up you become more attractive. One of the applications that you can use is the user interface as shown in the picture below. To get a more customized look, you can try the application “Facebook GUI PSD”, in addition to user-generated display is also very interesting, so I think you must try this application.

Facebook GUI free PSD resource 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

12. Omnigraffle Twitter Widget Stencil

Twitter is one of the social networking media with a very simple features but powerful, especially in terms of number of characters you get to write. It is intended that what is presented fairly brief and clear, so readers do not get bored quickly with a text that long. Some widget that supports on this applications such as Twitter Follower button, Follower widgets, and several other applications. To further optimize the appearance of Twitter, you can try some of the many widgets available on the Internet, one of which is the Twitter Widget Stencil.

Omnigraffle Twitter Widget Stencil 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

13. Free Web UI Wireframe Kit

This UI Web Kit it’s also very useful for you if will be great results your Wireframe platform. With completely features and good design and navigation, you can maximise and setting up that tools inside on this. Some button will help you to select which one design that your wishes.

Free Web UI Wireframe Kit 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

14. OmniGraffle Stencil for Ext JS v3.0

Several types of OmniGraffle stencil can be used to further maximize the number of features that might not yet available. OmniGraffle Stencil for Ext JS v3.0 is one example of Stencil with features that are fairly complete, although there are still some shortcomings, but not too significant, so you can more freely to do some settings on these feature.

OmniGraffle Stencil for Ext JS v3 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

15. Web Browser Templates

You’re a designer? Sure’ve often used the Photoshop application. Besides can be used to images editing, this application you can also combine into a browser, especially the template that you will use can be adapted to a form that will be used as a browser application.

Web Browser Templates 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

16. Photoshp Browser Template

Do you want to change the look of your browser to make it more interesting? Some of the applications you can use as tools to do so. One that you can use from some of the applications is the use of Photoshop Browser feature, where with some menus that exist in this application, you can make some changes, such as address bars, scrollbars, and favicons!

Photoshp Browser Template 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

17. Browser Screens and Website Elements

Vector pack is a free application you can use to get the look of a web design that you just created. There are some features that you can use. In addition, you also can quickly make a presentation of the design that you just created it to find out some of the features of your project, whether there is something missing or not.

Browser Screens and Website Elements 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

18. 960 Grid Template for OmniGraffle

Grid templates are generally used to make the mockup design of a website. You can set the template used for applications OmniGraffle easily because this applications is integrated with some tools that you can use. Just with little skill of design, you will be able to produce an attractive web design and looks professional.

960 Grid Template for OmniGraffle 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

19. All In One Web Elements Kit

Are you tried some element of web applications, either free or paid? But often you are having trouble, because the web applications that you have it’s different with another. This is because some features that are not available when you need them. Here you should find other applications as required. To overcome this, currently available some element of web applications with the “All in One” features, so that with this application you do not need to have some web elements.

All In One Web Elements Kit 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

20. Flex DarkSkin UI

This free Flex UI skin is available for free from psdthemes.com, but you do need to signup first. Once you registered, you can explore fetures from this application. Cool dark appearance theme.

Flex DarkSkin UI 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

21. Wireframe Symbols

As we all know that with the features found on the wireframe will be easier for a web designer to build a web design project. This is because of some elements contained in a wireframe, such as scroll bars, lists, buttons, tables, tabs, etc. Some applications wireframe is compatible with Illustrator software, so that will really help you that want to use an image with PSD type.

Wireframe Symbols 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

22. Photoshop Button Templates

Do you want to create a web design with some unique navigation buttons inside? The navigation look more attractive because there are using 3 D buttons type. Are you interested to make them? Currently a lot of web elements that are integrated with Photoshop application, where the web is you can be creative elements to create a navigation button that you put on the website with 3 D view. With this application you can create more than thirty types and design of button, from a flat button design and also 3 D button.

Photoshop Button Templates 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

23. Windows Vista IE Form Elements

Many browsers you may have tried. Some browsers are already quite popular such as Internet Explorer. Browser from Microsoft are a few changes, both in terms of features used as well as several tools to ensure your security while browsing the Internet. There are many forms in the browser that you can optimize its use, such as pull down menus, input fields, radio buttons, check boxes, and some kind of form that is often used where you can try each of these forms.

Windows Vista IE Form Elements 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

24. Windows Vista IE Web Safe Area

If you see some of the browser you have, there are some differences found on that browser. For example, the toolbar that serves to navigate some of the main menu on the browser. You can take a few examples of browsers that have these differences, especially on the save menu. In Windows Vista, especially Internet Explorer browser, on the Web Safe Area, here you can find the resolution used by each browser, such as between Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.

Windows Vista IE Web Safe Area 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

25. Best Practice UX Forms Stencil v1.1

Form stencil is the latest application of some type of web element stencil ever before.Some additional features available on Best Practice Forms Stencil UX v1.1 only serves as an additional feature of the previous version that does not include some features that are very necessary to build a Web element. Also this version Provides different button layouts, a progress indicator, and Also captcha code input field.

Best Practice UX Forms Stencil v1 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

26. Web form Elements Vol 1

Web application form is widely used as a means to perform the interaction between web visitors with the owner of the web (admin). Such applications can you meet, especially in some special web for buying and selling, in which the buyer must fill out the form provided. In addition to a special web make buying and selling, application form you can also find on the web that is used as a means to conduct a survey.

Web form Elements 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

27. Illustrator Template for Blueprint CSS Comps

With Illustrator application templates, you can use to create web design that CSS-based . With this application you will be easier to do your work a web design project because this column contain around 24 grids, so some design you can do easily with this feature.

Illustrator Template for Blueprint CSS Comps 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

28. Web Element 5

One of the success of a website is an interesting view for visitors. Many ways you can do to make the web a more attractive appearance, some of which is to select the type and layout that will be used, the web element you want to install, web design itself, and several other web elements, such as navigation buttons. In addition, you also have to understand, about what is desired by the visitors on your website, especially if your website as an online store.

Web Element 5 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

29. iPhone GUI Elements

Some iPhone GUI applications can be found easily on the Internet. In general, the features are often used on the iPhone GUI applications very many kinds, but some of your most frequently encountered is the iPhone Status Bar (Gray, Black, Blue), Title Bar Buttons iPhone, iPhone Icon Bar, iPhone Safari Text Box, and still much more.

iPhone GUI Elements 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

30. iPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for Fireworks

This iPhone kit has been designed for you that have an smart gadget ( iPhone ) using Adobe Fireworks. if you explore inside on this kit, you can found several combinations, such as buttons, backgrounds, label, etc. It also has some lines of code to transform the simple vector on this symbols into rich symbols, with some variables.

iPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for Fireworks 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

31. Ultimate iPhone Stencil

Do you want your iPhone more attractive appearance and equipped with various advanced features? This Stencil Application will provide flexibility for you to optimize your iPhone. Some of the features you can optimize them are backgrounds, title bars, buttons, selectors, and other iPhone UI elements.

Ultimate iPhone Stencil 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

32. Wireframe Magnets (DIY Kit)

These DIY magnet template are based on the Konigi wireframe stencils kit that you can use and there are includes three sheets of elements that would be useful for whiteboard prototyping. Simply download and print the PDFs onto magnet sheets, and cut them out.

Wireframe Magnets DIY Kit 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

33. Web UI Treasure Chest

To make the Web a more attractive appearance, some web designers always use three-dimensional image, such as on some specific web application that contains about design, photo editing, and several web-based design. In addition, another commonly used application is the animation of vector and also the image with the file type PSD. To facilitate the use of some image, some web designers will choose an image that is not too large file size, or if possible, they only use the image with smaller size, or better known by the term “icon”.

Web UI treasure Chest 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

34. iPhone 3G Stencil

Basically, an interface application and a standard features on the iPhone is not complete. But as more and more users of the product from apple, at this time we encounter a lot of applications that serves as an additional application on these gadgets. With the application, you can do a lot of exploration and development for several features that are often used. Some of these feature is iPhone 3G Stencil.

iPhone 3G stencil 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

35. Quommunnication Stencil Kit

A PSD file with common design elements for sketching and wireframing: form elements, RSS feed icons, colors, Advertising units, browser windows and grids. For beautiful, you can adjust some colors for your design. For this combination of color, you should be match and mix with another.

Quommunnication Stencil Kit 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

36. Free PSD Web UI Element

Often you may have difficulties to find a navigation button to install applications on your website. In addition, some button creator does not comply with your wishes. If you’re interested, you can try the following applications that might help you to make some kind of button. There are so many types and also the examples that you can choose the button according to your choice.

Free PSD Web UI Element 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

37. Banner Web Elements 2

Often the placement of banners on a web design less attention, so the web interface becomes less attractive. Some things you should consider when building a website is how the form of banner that we want to make. Currently, many web element that you can use to make a banner on your website. Some are made using a vector application, both in terms of image and type of file used.

Banner web elements 2 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

38. Web Frame Kit ( Black and White )

Several types of wire frame that may have you use less than satisfactory in terms of design, appearance, and also features contained therein. Mooze Design could be an option for you to maximize the appearance of web design which you are creating, this is because this application is more focused on the dominance of the existing color.

Web Frame kit Black and White  40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

39. Google Android GUI PSD

Is your smartphone using Google’s Android operating system? This operating system is the latest version of some previous operating systems that already use some GUI-based applications, such as in some existing smartphones, such as Symbian which some time ago had been the trend for the smartphone operating system. Views of the Android GUI is designed to make it easier for users to operate some of the menu on their smartphone.

Google Android GUI PSD 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils

40. Android 1.6 Wireframe Stencil for Omnigraffle

Several series of Android you can use to develop some applications for page element that found on your smartphones, such as HTC, Nexus one, and others. Page element features is made with use Android latest series, this is because the application is already integrated with the wireframe feature.

Android Wireframe stencil for Omnigraffle 40 Free Web UI Element Kits and Stencils


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