A Story of Dots


The world has seen many a great artists over time; Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bernini and Pablo Picasso to name a few. These artists were pioneers in their fields and their phenomenal work laid grounds for all modern artists. To understand the true work of an artist requires an eye that focuses on the intrinsic as well as the extrinsic. There is always a deeper message embedded in an artist’s creation. The modern times have also seen many artists reach new heights of excellence. Francis Bacon, Joe Baer and Michael Craig-Martin are a few examples. All these artists have done their share to contribute to art.

ink dots portrait 6 A Story of Dots

A true artist is sensitive, getting inspiration from his environment. How these legends create their feelings and thoughts through paintings, sculpture and other art mediums is amazing. Every artist has his/her own signature style that differentiates them from others. One such artist is Miguel Endara. His inspiration is Benjamin Kyle, the pen name of a man suffering from dissociative amnesia. Had Endara depicted Kyle’s blank life through an ordinary drawing, it might have stirred the artist community by just a fraction; but being a true artist, he created something that will be remembered for a very long time. He drew Kyle’s portrait using dots! The idea itself is brilliant, but the way Endara invested his time and talent and how the end result came out is unbelievable. It took approximately 2.1 million ink dots to complete the portrait. The portrait is so detailed that it looks like a photograph taken from a very High Definition camera. Now moving on to the intrinsic; any person with the slightest understanding of art can dive deep into this magnificent portrait. The dots, though millions in quantity are not connected to each other. This is an excellent cliché of Kyle’s life. What better way to depict a man who has no memory? Miguel Endara, in my opinion, has created a master piece; a master piece that will be an inspiration for generations of artists to come.

Another great thing about this portrait is that 50% all its proceeds will go to Kyle’s treatment. I pray that this noble step by Endara goes a long way in helping Kyle and that one day, he can connect all the dots of his life. Scroll down and behold one of the best art pieces I have ever seen.

ink dots portrait 1 A Story of Dots

ink dots portrait 2 A Story of Dots

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