Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish


Riusuke Fukahori is a Japanese artist who has created magnificent hand painted three dimensional goldfish, deceiving the eyes in to believing their very real, breathing existence. Meticulously building on his project layer by layer, his astonishing style of art bridges the divide between painting and sculpture

goldfish 1 Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish

Riusuke’s fascination with this unique little sea creature began with his pursuit for the history behind the founding ancestor of the goldfish, the ‘Gold Carp’ – the first ever goldfish. The breeding of goldfish in to the numerous kinds of goldfish we have today is a practice that dates back centuries, stemming directly from the gold carp during the time of ancient Chinese dynasties. Riusuke Fukahori views this as an era in human history in itself, expressing his wonder with the gold carp passionately in his very keen and novel style of work in the art form of the marvelous miniature painted 3D sculptures he crafts.

The artistic mastermind’s thoughts behind these splendid creations, so easily mistaken for the real thing, begins with many a metaphorical myth; asking questions closer to the understanding of the figurative world. “So, what exactly is a goldfish…who?” he asks. Might it be “…that lovely figure…” or “…a temporary appearance…”or perhaps quite simply another wondrous riddle encased in the folds of time we simply forgot to solve.

The process behind Riusuke Fukahori’s creations is as novel and complex as the final work itself. Riusuke’s hand painted, three dimensional goldfish are made from poured resin. He intricately and delicately paints the finer details and characteristics of the goldfish layer by layer into a fragile construction of paint which is then embedded in to layers of resin. True to the shimmering and slivering nature of actual goldfish, these creative fabrications are rivals to the real thing, especially when placed in bodies of water. These works of art own true depth and a sense of illusion, harmoniously marrying the basic cores of painting and sculpture into a single, uniquely crafted artform. Wonderful, truly.

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goldfish 2 Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish

goldfish 3 Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish

goldfish 4 Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish

goldfish 5 Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish

goldfish 6 Ponds of Wonder: Hand Painted 3D Goldfish


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