20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space


The variety of tools available to help enhance and customize your website or blog are countless, allowing for several diverse forms of media to be incorporated in to your website for the free flow of multimedia expression. The structural framework of such tools is built on HTML5.

HTML5 is quite basically the language or code system over which the content and body that you wish to be presented on your website is constructed. It is a revolution in technology and development, a coded database of all the complete material and physical visual domains we experience on the internet. HTML5 is the very conception of the web design and web development and publishing trends we see today. Although it seems like a complex code at first, HTML5 is fairly simple and to the point, exsiting in a world where each character serves its purpose.

HTML5 allows for the creation and availability of several useful tools built over its coding, facilitating the practices of web developers and designers into making our web experiences smooth and pleasant. One of such tools is the feature of incorporating HTML5 native audio streaming with HTML5 build audio and video players. Below is a list of 20 of the hottest free HTML5 audio players available on the internet. Have your pick and see which suits your web space best.

Widgetkit Media Player

Widgetkit Media Player is one of the neatest options to select from when it comes to picking the perfect HTML5 audio player. The Widgetkit Media Player is not only your basic audio streamer, but also a fully packed video player with a sleek layout and design, completely built on HTML 5 and CSS.

player 1 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Media Element

Media Element is an audio and video written entirely in HTML5 and CSS. It’s a fresh and up to date media embedding facitilty for your blog or website that is backed up with custom Flash and Silverlight players that are similar to the HTML5 MediaElement API in the off chance that browsers may be using outdated browsers. It’s an excellent and user friendly choice for use on popular web publishers such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and many more.

player 2 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

SoundManager 2

”SoundManager 2 makes it easier to play audio using Javascript. This HTML5 audio player uses HTML5 and Flash to provide for a super reliable cross-platform audio service of streaming and playback using a single JavaScript API. The SoundManager 2 considers itself an ‘HTML5 + Flash hybrid’, providing support for real world visitors using all kinds of browsers and internet speeds.

player 3 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space


Speakker is actually a pretty cool choice for those looking for a fresh choice in HTML5 audio player options. It comes with a fantastic level of customization and personalization what with the range of options available for playing around with different button sets, theme tones, flexible dimensions and unlimited colors. Speakker is a simple and easy to use HTML5 audio player for the blogger who enjoys adding their own unique look to each aspect of their web space. It’s a cross browser audio solution with just a couple of lines of Javascrip and quantum CSS.

player 4 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space


Audio.js boasts an amazingly neat and attractive design layout with its minimalistic and contemporary looking user interface. Audio.js is a drop-in Javascript library that allows for classic HTML5 audio tags to be used anywhere and everywhere on the web.

player 5 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

HTML Audio Player

Here’s an HTML5 Audio Player with a pretty simple and to the point layout. This HTML5 Audio Player is your basic HTML5 with JQuery and CSS3 written player that does not attempt to boast fancy technical features, but instead delivers a smooth, lightweight and easy to use functional audio experience. An ideal choice for those of us who would rather not get into the nitty gritties of web design and development and are simply looking to get the job done.

player 6 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space


jPlayer is actually a super popular and widely used HTML5 audio player used by not only web developers and designers, but a comfort choice of browsers and users active on the web worldwide. jPlayer is a completely free and open source GPL and MIT sourced media library simply written in Javascript. Technically being a a jQuery plugin, it allows web developers to complement websites with rapidly weaving cross platform audio and video streaming and playback – the answer to innovation online media solutions.

player 7 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space


JME is your basic and standard HTML5 based audio player in the form of a handy audio and video development kid, fully back with Flash fallback in the case of encountering incompatible and outdated devices and browsers, like most HTML media players out there. JME is an HTML5 player with a foremost priority towards flexibility and function, with its DOM-API and semantic mode.

player 8 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

HTML5 Media

HTML5 Media is an HTML5 audio player that prides itself on being ‘one of the fastest solutions available’. HTML5 Media carries of a clean, dark themed user interface that enables video and audio tags in all major browsers, claiming that “all it takes is a single line of code” and all your problems caused by media embedding inconveniences will come to an end. HTML5 Media player requires no basic installations and is fully functional in all browsers and phones, with a mission to make the mebedding of videos as easy as embedding an image. The HTML5 Media focuses on deliver fast user experience by doing away with browser plugins such as Adobe Flash.

player 9 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Uppod HTML5 Player

The Uppod HTML5 Player is perhaps one of the coolest and most crafty HTLM5 audio player option. The Uppod HTML5 media player allows web designer and web developers alike to build their very own audio player to suit their own specific requirements and customization. It is quite literally an opportunity to stitch together your own perfect player from scratch in the easiest way possible, All you have to do is simply create a player of your choice making use of the options panel and then attain the HTML code generated.

player 10 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Mootools HTML5 Audio Player

The Mootools HTML5 Audio Player is a cross browser audio player written with HTML 5 as well a combination of the Mootools Javascript framework. It has your usual, clean and simple design and layout and user interface and is one of the simplest and most easy to navigate HTML5 audio player options on the web.

player 11 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

HTML5 Audio Player Bookmarklet

The HTML5 Audio Player Bookmarklet is a solution for your embedded audio player to play linked audio files on any page. Even music stored in your Dropbox can be used for playback on this HTML5 written media player.

player 12 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Accessible Audio Player

The Accessible Audio Player or APP, allows for you developers to easily embed video and audio files using themes and skins with the HTML5 video element with no difficulty at all. For even further convenience, it is packed with a Flash Player fallback in the case of unsupported and incompatible browsers. This player works exceptionally well with WordPress and Joomla domains.

player 13 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

OI Player

OI player conveniently ‘attaches’ itself to all the video and media content it happens to encounter. Its clean minimalistic user interface further enhances its smooth running HTML5 audio playing capabilities.

player 14 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

HTML5 Music Player Plugin

The HTML5 Music Player Plugin efficiently uses native audio availability along with an invisible flash player that will facilitate audio playback for other browser kinds. It’s consistent and stylish character ensures smooth playback using your HTML 5 and standard CSS.

player 15 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Degradable HTML5 audio and video Plugin

This is actually a very useful WordPress player that allows for convenient degradation and Flash fallback in the case of unsupported browser kinds.

player 16 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Tutorial: How to Build HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery

A tutorial written by the Neutron creations team, this is a perfect guide on how to build a custom HTML5 audio player with jQuery from scratch. This tutorial will walk you through a step by step process of how to run through the code and understanding it’s function.

player 17 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Universal HTML5 Audio Player

Although this post is primarily focused on providion for free HTML5 audio players, we could not resist adding this player to the list. For a modest $5, the Universal HTML5 Audio Player comes with a rich feature set for customizable functionality as well as protection of your audio from hackers by using a overlay as commercial solution.

player 18 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Old School Cassette Player with HTML5 Audio

“Vintage format meets modern web tech: an HTML5 audio player with realistic controls. Today we want to share an audio player with you that looks like an old school music cassette”.

player 19 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space

Pickle Player

“Pickle Player is a “next generation” website media player designed to give you full control over the look and feel of the audio and video content on your pages”. It is not the most advance and established option among its rivals, but is certainly a worthy opponent by providing for solutions for differences between mobile and desktop technologies.

player 20 20 Excellent HTML5 Players for Your Web Space