Illuminating Lumen Type


Even with all the amazing different styles designers have when it comes to designing typography, some designers really give their creativity and innovative thinking that extra push and take it to the next level. The diverse creative typography styles out their never cease to amaze one who has true appreciation for design. One has to appreciate the unique and one of a kind approaches taken to the interpretation of creation of type from visual imagery.

lumen 1 Illuminating Lumen Type

Ruslan Khasanov is a visual artist who has taken on this spectacular project of experimental photography around the stunning visual dynamic of lights. Ruslan Khasanov is a visual artist from Russia who specializes in art direction, graphic design and of course, typography. Ruslan Khasanov has experimented in identifying and creating type out of various different mediums including not only light, but from unconventional themes such as dust, liquid and sunbeams.

Ruslan Khasanov was born in 1987 in Russia and graduated with Bachelors degree from Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts in 2008. Ruslan Khasanov has exhibited in New York from February to March 2012, straight out of college and already displaying his fresh young talent, making his mark in the art world. Ruslan Khasanov also published a publication titled ‘Logo Talks’ in 2010 in the Computer Arts Magazine, Typoholic and in DVD format.

In this particular series, Ruslan Khasanov works on typography using blurred lights, also known as ‘bokeh’ in the photography world. Ruslan Khasanov titles this serried ‘Lumen’ type, extraordinarily picking out brilliant illuminated letters being exquisitely formed from blurred lights spots, the effect you get when you direct the lense toward a light source out of focus. Stunning. While Ruslan Khasanov is a jack of all trades with exquisite discipline in not in typography but art and design as well, his marvelous and breathtaking work with type and typography and discovering the forms of letters in unconventional media is what sets his working style apart. Have a look at his beautiful work below.

lumen 2 Illuminating Lumen Type

lumen 3 Illuminating Lumen Type

lumen 4 Illuminating Lumen Type

lumen 5 Illuminating Lumen Type

lumen 6 Illuminating Lumen Type

lumen 7 Illuminating Lumen Type

lumen 8 Illuminating Lumen Type