5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography


To learn digital photography you need 8 essential photography e-books but those are paid ones. I have found many interesting free ebooks on photography which for sure shine your photography skills.

This ebooks will help you learn street photography, food photography and will improve your lighting ability.

1. Going Candid – Street Photography

A book about street photography in the digital age. Forget what you know about street photography and start reading how Thomas Leuthard (85mm) explores the street with his camera.

free photography ebook 1 5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography


2. Collecting Souls – Street Photography

Another ebook about Street Photography. While the first book was about the basics, this book is more advanced and contains a lot of personal thoughts and ideas.

free photography ebook 2 5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography


3. Lighting 101

This ebook will help you to improve your lighting ability.

free photography ebook 3 5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography


4. How to Take Stunning Food Photos

This ebook is for people who need to discover more about food photography and have been wanting to study the essentials of photography and lighting.

free photography ebook 4 5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography


4. National Geography Photography Guide for Beginners

Digital photography has surpassed film photography in popularity in recent years, a fact
that has relegated some amateur and professional film cameras to the unlikely task of becoming a paperweight. In the art world, however, film cameras are coveted. The lesson is simple: choose the tools that you need to get the results you want.

free photography ebook 5 5 Free Ebooks to Learn Photography



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