Messy Masterpieces by Florian Nicolle


The endless possibilities for making works of art today cater well to our need for creativity and innovation. This kind of thirst for productivity has allowed us to execute the art of visual creation in many different and diverse ways, among them being the interesting fusion of different mediums, techniques and methods. An example of this versatile and experimental working style comes in the form of the messy masterpieces made by Florian Nicolle.

florian 1 Messy Masterpieces by Florian Nicolle

Florian Nicolle is a French visual artist who has significant professional experience in areas graphic design, web design, branding and print, whose work and personality has been featured in numerous publications. His most eye catching and stunning works of visual art however, have been keenly spotted in his work as an illustrator. Florian Nicolle is a 25 year old digital artist who has worked with several large brands such as NIKE, Puma, LA Times, ESPN, Warner Bros and many more. Nicolle claims he knew he wanted to become a graphic designer since the tender age of 15, taking pride in his own unique style of work he has been working on, developing and growing into for the past decade. Florian Nicolle’s unique style of work is a result of the culmination and experimentation with various different mediums through a process of manual and digital manipulation. The artist creates his illustrations by layering ink, paper and paint manually by hand, and then renders and subtly manipulates the illustrations using digital software, revealing a layered, somewhat messy looking, scribbly yet beautifully rendered illustrations. The drawing itself is spared no detail, enhanced and amplified with the use of specially selected paint and paper together with careful Photoshop rendering .

Florian Nicolle on his style of work, “I try to create an image that retains its freshness of the first paint stroke, the expressions of the line have to be very free and spontaneous, while keeping a rigorous drawing. So I use fast techniques, like a big large brush…I do my drawing with either colored ink, china ink, brush, pen, marker or tria marker. Then I scan my work and I work again the illustration using Photoshop, where I apply textures such as carton or typography.” Have a look at some of Florian Nicolle’s mind blowing illustration art below.

florian 2 Messy Masterpieces by Florian Nicolle

florian 3 Messy Masterpieces by Florian Nicolle

florian 4 Messy Masterpieces by Florian Nicolle

florian 5 Messy Masterpieces by Florian Nicolle


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