29 Cool Twitter Headers That Will Inspire You 

Cool Twitter Headers That Will Inspire You 

You may have stumbled on several cool Twitter headers and didn’t deem it necessary to choose a cool header for your Twitter account. Most people pay more attention to Facebook because of its size, so it’s understandable. 

Twitter doesn’t have the size or reach that Facebook has. But the bird app’s growth since 2010 shows its huge potential. As of 2022, Twitter had 450+ million active users, an increase of 396 million from 2010.

Choosing a cool header for your Twitter account can impact your business. It can help to reinforce your personality, captivate visitors, and give them a reason to learn more about your brand. 

We have handpicked the best cool Twitter headers to inspire you to make the best choice. The information and tips here will also guide you to make an informed decision. Read on!

1: Cool quote Twitter header: Quotes

Cool quote Twitter header

This quote is powerful, and is from a former president of the United States of America. The ribbon placed in the middle makes the text pop. The purple background also blends perfectly with the ribbon and text. 

You can recreate this cool quote using different color combinations. Just ensure the colors you choose blend flawlessly and aren’t too sharp. The reason is to make the message the focal point, not the background color. 

You can add any text to the ribbon. It mustn’t be the same. The main focus is the message. Get it across to your audience in a simple yet classy manner. 

2: Cool Thanksgiving-Themed Twitter Header Composed With Quote: 

Cool Thanksgiving-Themed Twitter Header Composed With Quote

Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with this memory Twitter header. It’s a creative, captivating header that will set your Twitter account apart. 

The quote is powerful. Plus, you can incorporate a different quote to personalize the header. But if you’re using a new quote, make it short and straightforward. The quote should also be about Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving Day is a special day in the United States of America. Families, neighbors, and friends come together to have a special meal and celebrate. So, it’s a day like no other across the country. 

As a brand, you can use this header in your Twitter account to celebrate with your customers and audience nationwide. It’s a superb header and looks classy too. 

3: Twitter Header For A Photographer/ Travel Brand:

Twitter Header For A Photographer Travel Brand
Source: wepik.com

The creativity in this Twitter header is out of this world. On top of that, the fact that it covers two complementary niches, “Travel and Photography,” makes it more interesting. 

You’ll find all the items you need to embark on your next adventure in the image. As a brand in the travel niche, there’s no better way to announce your business to prospects on Twitter than using a cool header like this masterpiece. 

The travel passport, eyeglasses, suitcase, hat and other vital items required for a travel expedition are captured in this photo. You can deduce the services or products a brand offers using this Twitter header by merely looking at the image. 

It’s such a creative and captivating header. 

4: Twitter Header For A Company Offering Professional Cleaning Service 

Twitter Header For A Company Offering Professional Cleaning Service 
Source: wepik.com

Do you render professional cleaning services? This Twitter header will be a wise choice for you. The white background makes the other colors pop. It also symbolizes what the business does. 

White signifies cleanliness and purity. And that’s what the white background on this image shows. With a glance, anyone can deduce what the business offers service-wise. 

The color combination, text and message influence the header’s quality. In the case of this image, you can see that the color is appealing and combines perfectly. The texts are also bold and legible. Then, there’s a hand showing a person performing cleaning. 

Everything about this photo makes it unique. It is a wise choice for people who have a cleaning business. 

5: Twitter Header For Interior Design Business:

Twitter Header For Interior Design Business
Source: wepik.com

Plenty of individuals and corporate organizations are seeking interior designers to help them sort out the interior decoration of their homes or offices. And plenty of them are on the bird app Twitter.  

Interior decoration might look like a walk in the park from the outside, but that isn’t the case. It requires a lot of brainstorming and sound knowledge of color combinations. 

Announce your business to the millions of Twitter users using this powerful header. Let people know the services you render or products you sell by merely looking at your Twitter header. 

Twitter has millions of users, and probably hundreds or thousands of people around your area are seeking interior designers. So, get active on Twitter and use a catchy header. 

You can change the write-up to reflect your business. Add your company name to increase your reach. 

6: Twitter Header For Makeup Artists:

Twitter Header For Makeup Artists
Source: wepik.com

Are you a makeup artist? Do you have an account on Twitter? If yes, you need a cool header like this one. 

Show prospects that you’re a top professional with this cool header. Headers for makeup artists don’t have to be too catchy. So, this is a good option. 

The “Professional Makeup Artist” write-up is bold and can easily be spotted. The colors also blend perfectly.

7: Twitter Header For Real Estate Company:

Twitter Header For Real Estate Company
Source: wepik.com

The real estate business has made many people billionaires. So, if you’re in it, do it big. Use a header that makes your audience consider you their first choice when purchasing a home because you know what you’re doing. 

This Twitter header is simple yet classy. It will inform visitors about your line of business whenever they cross your page.  

8: Twitter Header For Dental Clinic:

Twitter Header For Dental Clinic
Source: wepik.com

This simple Twitter header needs no introduction. From one look, you already know the services the brand that owns the Twitter account offers. 

The write-up “Vibrant smiles for a healthy lifestyle” can inspire your audience to remember how much they need dental care. This is a simple but classy header for a dental clinic. 

 9: Twitter Header For Stress Awareness Campaign

Twitter Header For Stress Awareness Campaign

Stress is a significant issue in the world today. And people deal with it daily, from mental and emotional to physical stress. 

You can join the campaign and enlighten people about the dangers of stress. This catchy Twitter header reminds them of the need to rest and consider their health.    

10: Cool Twitter Header For A Church:

Cool Twitter Header For A Church
Source: wepik.com

The church is a sacred place where Christians worship. So, your church’s Twitter profile deserves a cool header like this one. 

The above header is cool for any church. In addition to the Holy Bible, it boasts a catchy design that shows the entrance of a church building and the holy cross. You can place this cool header on a church’s Twitter account to attract attention. 

11: Twitter Header For Photography Business:

Twitter Header For Photography Business.
Source: wepik.com

Photographers are creatives, so you must be ready to express your creativity via your Twitter header. Instead of adding plain pictures, you can upload a design like the one above. 

Insert your business name and service in the design to let visitors know your services. Show your audience a glimpse of your creativity with a cool Twitter header. 

12: Twitter Header For A Video Game Company:

Twitter Header For Photography Business
Source: wepik.com

This header will remind your audience about their love for video games, including your services. It is a simple header you can upload on your Twitter account if you own a video game company or an influencer.   

13: Real Estate Company Twitter Header:

Twitter Header For A Video Game Company
Source: wepik.com

Do you own a real estate company and would like to creatively showcase it to the world? This header is for you. 

The header shows flashes of must-have homes and has what it takes to raise your audience’s appetite to get a new home.    

14: Catering Business Twitter Header:

Catering Business Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

This catering business Twitter header has all the elements that will remind the audience about the nature of your business. 

The food item in the background made the header colorful and catchy. It also adds a pink color that compliments all the other colors. It is a fantastic header you can place on your Twitter account and draw attention.  

15: Twitter Header For Gaming Streaming Platform:

Twitter Header For Gaming Streaming Platform
Source: wepik.com

Are you running a gaming streaming platform? Here is an excellent Twitter header you should check out. In addition to the bold text, the play buttons on this header make it flashy. 

You can also include the name of your platform in the middle in a stylish manner. It’s an excellent way to announce your gaming streaming brand.   

16: Twitter Header For Tech Company:

Twitter Header For Tech Company

Tech companies are transforming lives and businesses. The innovations we have witnessed in the last few decades have been mind-blowing and look set to continue.

Announce your tech brand with an innovative header like this example. Let your Twitter page scream tech. You can include your business name and some inspirational write-ups to make your audience more interested in your business. 

17: Hotel Brand Twitter Header:

Hotel Brand Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

This Twitter header sample screams class and quality. It is a good fit for a luxury hotel. 

The colors aren’t too shouty but classy. Uploading this on your Twitter page will add some touch of class to your account.  

18: Kids’ Online Learning Platform Twitter Header:

Kids’ Online Learning Platform Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

The little drawings and artwork on this header show that it’s a great Twitter header you can use to announce an online learning platform for kids. 

Kids are highly inquisitive and admire drawings, too. Any parent who stumbles on your page will know the service you’re offering with this Twitter header. 

 19: Halloween-Themed Party Twitter Header:

Halloween-Themed Party Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

Halloween is fast approaching, and your friends are counting on you to make their day. You can invite friends and family to your Halloween party and have a good time. 

The letters’ fonts, color, and style scream “Halloween.” And you can rest assured that your friends will be all fired up and ready to party when they come over. 

Place this header with information about your Halloween party on your Twitter account. You’ll be amazed at the reception it will receive among your peers. 

20: Cool Business Twitter Header:

Cool Business Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

This excellent Twitter header is wise for businesses that want to appear professional and customer-centered. 

The smile of the people in the image can brighten your audience’s day. There are also sections where you can incorporate the company name and slogan to create an emotional connection with your audience. 

21: Twitter Header For The Fitness Niche:

Twitter Header For The Fitness Niche
Source: wepik.com

This Twitter header is a fitness business. It is a cool design with colors that blend with the dumbbell. 

The write-up is also short, powerful and inspirational. The text’s white and black color combination makes this head even more visually appealing. 

22: Twitter Header For Businesses:

Twitter Header For Businesses
Source: wepik.com

Here is another excellent Twitter header for businesses. It shows teamwork and boasts the perfect color combination for a professional environment.

The blue and black colors blend flawlessly. Even the texts are written in blue and black, setting the image apart. You can include your company name and a strong write-up that motivates your targeted audience to take action.   

23: Twitter Header For Design Studio:

Twitter Header For Design Studio
Source: wepik.com

A design studio is where creativity shouldn’t have a limit. You must express it in everything you do. This Twitter header will make a wise choice for your design studio. You can see the creativity in the header already. 

The blue background makes the black-and-white text pop. It also features other elements that include icons deployed when editing photos. 

The only thing missing in this Twitter header is your company name and a few texts. It has spaces to include your company name and a few texts to inspire your audience. 

You can still deploy this header if you don’t have a company but an excellent business name. Add your name and a few texts, and you’re ready. 

24: Cool Floral Spring Header For Your Twitter Account:

Cool Floral Spring Header For Your Twitter Account
Source: wepik.com

Traditional spring flowers such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils start blooming towards the end of March. They brighten up our fields with great colors. 

Even if you don’t have a business focused on horticulture, you can use this Twitter header to remind your friends of the arrival of spring. 

Remind them that spring has come, and it’s time to feed those eyes with the beautiful colors spread across our fields.

The white background makes the flower displayed in this header pop. It also sprinkles a touch of quality and calmness to the image.   

Another impressive thing about this Twitter header is its flexibility. You can use it for a range of niches. Even a photography Twitter account can make a statement with this header. 

25: Twitter Header For Fitness Center:

Twitter Header For Fitness Center
Source: wepik.com

If you have a fitness business or run a fitness Twitter page where you educate people about fitness, there’s no better way to draw attention to your page than a fantastic Twitter header like this.   

The colors of the dumbbell and background make this header visually appealing. The image also shows a man working out to keep fit and healthy. 

The write-up “Are you reader?” will provoke a positive reaction from most of your audience. It’s short, powerful and bold. So, no one will visit your page without seeing it.

This Twitter header looks professional and captivating. It offers all you need to announce or introduce your fitness Twitter account. 

26: Twitter Header For Video Game Company:

Twitter Header For Video Game Company
Source: wepik.com

Video games are advancing fast. In addition, video games are also beginning to take new dimensions, such as augmented reality. 

Twitter has a growing population of active users and is an incredible platform to introduce your video game brand to the world. Using cool Twitter headers for video games, you can show a glimpse of your creativity to a broader audience. 

This video game header is excellent, and the colors blend perfectly. One look at the image, and anyone can tell that the page belongs to a video game brand or someone who’s a gaming enthusiast. 

On the other hand, you don’t need to own a gaming platform to use this Twitter header. You can use it on your page and introduce yourself as an avid gamer. 

With this Twitter header, you can easily connect with avid gamers like yourself from other parts of the world. Show them how much of a professional gamer you are. 

27: Sports Company Twitter Header:

Sports Company Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

Do you own a sports company that has a Twitter account? Then, use this header to showcase how unique your company is. 

You can use this Twitter header for any sports niche. Affiliate marketers and influencers promoting sportswear can equally use it to attract more attention. 

Anybody can tell what they’ll find on your Twitter page by seeing this header alone. So, it’s an excellent way to announce your sports business or brand to a broader audience. 

Incorporate your company name and a few texts to inspire your audience. You never know who you could motivate on the platform with your texts. 

28: Elegant Rose Twitter Header:

Elegant Rose Twitter Header
Source: wepik.com

Roses set a romantic tone and depict love. They are a great gift to offer the people you cherish.

You can upload this rose flower Twitter header to your account. Use it to spread love to anyone who comes across your header.

Pink roses are some of my favorite roses, though they’re not as catchy as the red ones. However, they still look amazing and provoke the love people feel when they are given such rose flowers by a loved one. 

A few inspirational texts sprinkled on this page will go a long way to complement the rose flower. You can write a message of love so that someone visiting your Twitter header can feel loved. 

29: Twitter Header For Sports Company:

Twitter Header For Sports Company
Source: wepik.com

Swimming is a good exercise to lose weight and keep fit. It’s also a sport that gets featured in the Olympics often. 

In addition, tons of people don’t know how to swim. Many wish they could find someone who can devote time to teaching them how to swim. If you have the skills and knowledge of swimming and some free time, you can start teaching people how to swim for a token. 

Many people are willing to pay to learn how to swim. You need to show how much you’re committed to teaching them. You can use this Twitter header to announce yourself as a swimming coach so people can start connecting with you.   


These are cool Twitter headers you can upload to your personal or business profile. We urge you to use a good-quality header that gets visitors hooked once they land on your page. 

Twitter headers 

You can use Twitter headers for any business or Twitter account. It doesn’t have a specific restriction. Upload headers with your business logo and name so your audience can easily remember you whenever they come across your posts on the platform. 

Twitter may not be as massive as Facebook, but it has millions of active users and keeps adding more users. So, it’s a great place to have an account and introduce your business to a broader audience. 

Md. Julhas Alam, is a seasoned entrepreneur, and top-rated digital marketing professional. He has dedicated over a decade of his life, helping businesses succeed online. Julhas Alam is the founder of several leading digital marketing companies, BitChip Digital, Outreach Link Agency, and Go Savvy SEO . He has helped hundreds of online businesses save millions of dollars, generate millions of dollars in revenue and grow, through result-driven digital marketing services.