32 Best Funny Print Ads That Will Make You Laugh 

Best Funny Print Ads

Do you know funny print ads are valuable for your marketing strategy? You can easily capture people’s attention by making them laugh. 

With funny ads, you can draw your audience’s attention, make them laugh and develop interest in your brand. Every print advert carries a message. But when you deliver your message with a touch of humor, it will hit your audience differently. 

We have handpicked some of the best funny advertisements to make prospects laugh and remember your brand. Use them as inspiration to create the best print ad for your brand. Check out all we have for you below. 

What Are Print Ads?

We’ll start by defining what print ads imply.

Print ads refer to adverts printed on hard copies such as newspapers, journals, and magazines to promote a brand or pitch an idea. 

Print ads are one of the oldest and most common forms of advertisements. They capture people’s attention while reading their favorite newspapers or magazines. 

The digital age might make some of us think that print ads are obsolete. But the truth is, they aren’t. Print ads are useful when the priority is to capture a specific age demographic, which, in this case, are senior citizens. 

So, print ads are valuable when the plan is to target older generations. Statistics show that 70% of households earning over $100,000 are newspaper readers. Therefore, print ads would be the best way to target households in this income bracket. 

Another unique thing about print ads is that they have more brand retention than digital ads. Take social media, for instance, where diverse brands fight for the audience’s attention. 

These brands churn out dozens of marketing materials now and then. So, it’s easier for prospects to get confused or lost in the wide range of marketing materials flooding the internet and social media platforms.

Brands can market to millennials and baby boomers via print ads. Statistics show that 92% of 19 to 23-year-olds find it easier to focus when reading print media than digital. 

There is no reason to call print media obsolete. Even though we’re in the digital age, print media remains a viable channel to pass information. 

A Handy Tip: Note that billboards aren’t part of the print ad bucket.

5 Major Elements of A Print Ad You Must Know

Creating a print ad that gets you results isn’t rocket science. You must consider several elements in the print adverts you’re creating to make them successful.

Here are the elements to consider so you can create print ads that’ll bring you results. 

1: Get to know your audience first:

Who are your audiences? This should be your first question you ever consider before creating your print ads. It is not enough to create beautiful or funny print ads. Your ads need to produce results. 

Know who your audiences are. In other words, find out where they live, work, preferred eating spot, hobbies, age range, etc.

2: Make the headline catchy:

Decide what your main point of focus would be. That’s the next element to consider to create a print ad that will generate positive results. 

You can convey the main focus point in your advert via your images or eye-catching, bold headlines. If you settle for headlines, remember to immediately convey the benefits to readers or share some valuable information. 

3: Keep readers hooked with engaging content: 

The first sentence used in your ad is the most important. It needs to engage the readers and keep them hooked on the advert.

Adding testimonials to your print ad can be an excellent way to display value and build credibility. But at the end of the ad, don’t forget to provide a strong CTA (Call to action). 

Readers should know what you want them to do once they get to and read the CTA part. 

4: Have patience and keep pushing:

Patience is vital when creating print ads. Note that you might not get it right when you create your first few ads. Some professional marketers create as many as 50 to 200 headlines before getting it right. 

Sometimes, ads that fail to perform initially might become a hit later. It happens, so don’t beat yourself up if your ads don’t perform as expected today. Just keep trying, and you’ll discover an ad that works. 

Keep trying different headlines and formats. But don’t forget to track the results to see which ad yields the best result. 

A Handy Tip: Split testing is a better way to try different print ads to find the one yielding the best results.    

5: Quality test is vital:

Endeavor to test your ads before putting them out there. Check out how the ads appear on the printed media and make necessary adjustments before sending them out. 

Top 32 Funny Print Ads That Will Easily Convert

So, here are the top funny ads that will make your audience crack their ribs and take action. 

1: The Nikol Baking Dish Ad: Crazy Jacuzzi Advert 

The Nikol Baking Dish Ad Crazy Jacuzzi Advert 

This ad features a chicken in a Jacuzzi-style position, but immersed in a sauce. It was placed in a very hot sauce, for that matter.  

The ad is not only hilarious but tempting. Imagine filling up your stomach with such delicious sauce and well-cooked chicken. Certainly, many would be salivating while stirring at this advertisement. It is a great advert to make the audience laugh, hungry, and salivating.  

2: The Funny Land Rover Ad: The Passport Ad With Multiple Stamps

The Funny Land Rover Ad The Passport Ad With Multiple Stamps

One passport, but different stamps! What does that tell you? It shows the passport owner has and can travel to any part of the world. No restriction!

This ad is from Land Rover. It depicts the Rover’s suitability for different terrains and roads. So, the message the ad is trying to pass is clear. 

What we find hilarious about this ad is how the creatures used different stamps to create the shape of the Land Rover. It is a well-thought-out advertisement. The creators deserve some credit for it. 

3: The Kayaking Jumbo Peanut Ad: The Choking Baby Elephant

The Funny Land Rover Ad The Passport Ad With Multiple Stamps

A choking baby elephant being saved by the mother is one of the hilarious things you’ll find in an advertisement. But that is what this advert from Kayaking Jumbo Peanuts depicts.

The advert shows a baby elephant choking on the Jumbo peanuts after having too much. But what’s hilarious is the mother’s display. She grabbed the baby elephant and tried to force the peanuts out to save it from choking.   

The elephant displays great motherly instinct. Peradventure, she learned from a human being. It’s a great ad, by the way. 

4: The Listermint Mouthwash Ad: A Dying Man With Bath Breath

The Listermint Mouthwash Ad A Dying Man With Bath Breath

If you need saving, ensure you don’t have bad breath. Otherwise, even the paramedics may turn their backs on you, as you can see in this advertisement. 

The Listermint Mouthwash ad is one of the most hilarious adverts we have seen. It shows a dying man in need of an oxygen mask. But instead of the paramedics using the oxygen mask to resuscitate him, they decided to use it. Why? The patient had bad breath. 

The advert depicts a clever way to market the mouthwash. It’s hilarious, but the message is loud and clear – wash your mouth or deal with the consequences of bad breath. 

5: The iPhone Ad: Searching Google For Information On How To Doge A Snake Bite

The iPhone Ad

How quickly can you find information on “How to doge snakebite,” from Google with a reptile ready to strike you?

Most people will say it’s a waste of time searching because you’ll eventually be beaten. But the EPhone says otherwise. The ad shows how fast the EPhone 900 operates. That’s the message the brand is trying to pass across.

But forget about the advert. Trying to get information from Google on how to dodge snakebite with a snake a second away from striking you is counterproductive. You’ll eventually be beaten.   

6: The McDonald’s Ad: Now You Can See Who Sells The Real Milkshake

The McDonald’s Ad

This advertisement is from McDonald’s, and it’s one of the funny print ads from the company. The ad shows a cow standing on a trampoline, ready to bounce. 

Thinking about how the cow got into the trampoline in the first place is funny. The thought of the breast and fatty body of the cow bouncing while it’s jumping on the trampoline makes the ad more hilarious. That’s truly how you make milkshakes in McDonald’s world.

7: The Aquafresh Flexigel Ad: Toothbrush Popping Out Of The Ear

The Aquafresh Flexigel Ad

This Aquafresh ad is the definition of the word “hilarious.” We agree that the toothbrush is flexible, making it easier to get into hard-to-reach places in the mouth and get food particles off. But how did it come out from the ear?

This ad from Aquafresh on their new toothbrush, Flexigel, is exaggerated and funny. But the beauty of it all is that the ad was able to pass the message. It depicts how flexible the Flexigel toothbrush is. 

8: The Google Ad: Is It a Battle-ship or Battle-sheep? 

The Google Ad

This hilarious ad is from Google, the biggest search engine and tech heavyweight. It shows a ship wearing a helmet and ready for battle. 

What if the word “battleship” means a sheep ready for battle, like the one shown in the ad? By the way, isn’t the sheep looking battle-ready? 

The ad depicts the search engine’s advancement. It shows how advanced Google is when it comes to figuring out the search intent of users. 

9: The KitKat Ad: A KitKat-like chair

 The KitKat Ad

If the table used in this ad was a KitKat, you know what would happen after the advert has been shot. Only the inconsumable portion, such as the iron and other materials, would be left. 

The ad shows a boy, probably in his early twenties, sitting on a chair painted red on one side with the KitKat icon, while the other part reveals KitKat’s chocolate color and structure. 

This ad was well-presented. It is funny and informative at the same time. It’s the kind of ad that provokes imagination and makes you salivate while thinking about KitKat. 

10: The Tolnaftate Ad: Fish footwear added for a cream product

 The Tolnaftate Ad

Tolnaftate is a cream for treating several skin infections, such as jock itch, athlete’s foot and ringworm. This advertisement shows the company’s commitment to fighting fungi diseases.

In the ad, you’ll find that the pair of footwear is made of fish, which is hilarious. But the question is, can you wear such footwear? If not, there is no reason to carry your athletic foot, ringworm or fungi disease about. 

Tolnaftate says it has a cream that can help fight fungal infection, so that you can try it. 

11: McDonald’s: Hiring People Across The Globe   


What came to your mind when you saw this ad? Most people will even call McDonald’s biased. But when you read the write-up at the bottom, you’ll have a change of mindset. 

McDonald’s wants to use this advertisement to remind the world that it doesn’t hire people based on nationality or religion. Instead, it hires based on competence and can hire anyone regardless of where you come from. 

12: The Nutri Balance Ad: The Cheating Wife Exposed By Bad Dog

The Nutri Balance Ad

This ad shows a cheating wife getting exposed by the dog. The man, who appears to be a military officer, came home to his wife and met her lying on the bed. Unknown to him, the wife was cheating on him with another man, hiding behind the curtain. 

Let’s call the husband “Tom.” Tom would count himself lucky that he has a dog like the one in the picture. He is the hero in the story. 

The advert shows when you feed your dog properly, they’ll pay you back. 

13: The General Tire Ad: A boy’s head wrapped with tires

The General Tire Ad

General Tire expressed their creativity with this advert. You’ll find a boy’s head stylishly wrapped with diverse tires here. It’s almost similar to the way Persians tie their hair. 

14: The Pedigree Ad: Bad Breath kills

The Pedigree Ad

In this advert, the dog’s bad breath caused the innocent bird to die. But that wouldn’t have happened with Pedigree, a product created to fight bad breath. 

The producer didn’t only show the effect of bad breath but proffered a solution. The look on the dog’s face when he saw the dead bird made the ad even more hilarious. 

15: The MacDonald’s Ad: Good Night To Go

The MacDonald’s Ad

Simple, funny and classy! That’s the three words to describe this ad from McDonald’s. The fast-food restaurant chain is well-known for using a variety of top-notch ads in diverse genres. 

This ad is for coffee lovers. It shows a cup of coffee, which is empty, by the way. The ad reminds people who consume coffee before bedtime to grab a cup of coffee at McDonald’s while heading home. 

16: Volkswagen: Knives


You must be precise and perform at your best to avoid hitting the target. Any mistake and the target will be gone. Volkswagen got us hooked with this advert. It’s hilarious, scary, and thought-provoking.

17: Yo!: Make It Easy

Make It Easy

With this print ad, Yo! Demonstrate that it understands the power of mobile devices. People are always on their devices most of the time. Most people even interact with our devices more than we communicate with the people around us.   

18: Wonderbra Ad: Oranges

 Wonderbra Ad

This ad demonstrates how fitting the Wonderbra would look on its users. It shows that the bra would glue to the breast, as the peels are glued to the oranges. 

Any woman who sees this advert would surely think about her breasts. This is an advert that captures attention and draws an emotional connection.

19: YOBK: Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

From the image of this yoga advert, you can tell that the yoga will be hot. But don’t worry, your skin won’t melt. You’ll only look fitter, healthier, and sharper. 

Seeing how the woman’s clothes were melting away got us cracking. It is such a powerful advert that captures attention and would make the audience laugh.

20: Arctic Gardens: Grimace

Arctic Gardens

Remember that face when the stomach is empty, and you feel your worms are feasting on your intestines? That’s the emotion this advert invokes. 

We like that it also showed a happy face when the food was presented. And it was a delicious meal, as you can tell from the boy’s innocent and happy face. 

With this advert, Arctic Gardens reminds its audience to remove the grim face and enjoy life.   

21: MacDonald’s: Wolverine


Wolverine should be smiling while looking at this advert. In addition, he’ll be rating the sharpness of those claws.

Well, one thing we know about this advert is that the claws are as fake as the Wolverines in the X-Men franchise. So, McDonald’s, your sin has been forgiven.      

22: Covergirl Teen: Anime Ad

Covergirl Teen

This anime ad will surely get many ladies cracking. Here, you can see a teen getting her eyelashes done by herself.  

Her huge eyeballs would surely get the audience cracking. But then, is that what the ladies are looking for these days? 

23: 3M Scotch: Overload

3M Scotch

This ad will surely get the audience cracking. It’s called “overload.” The track was loaded to the brim and couldn’t even move. 

This is a top ad that shows the power of Scotch. It will surely capture attention, which is the most important thing.  

24: Pringles: Hot and Spicy


This hot air balloon advert describes how hot your mouth would be when you consumed Pringles. 

Pringles has a wide variety of flavors, and this, from the advert, is the hottest. Your mouth would feel as if you’re the man in the advert. 

25: CrossFit: Your Body Will Love You


When you exercise and keep fit, your body will thank you. You’ll be healthier, happier, fitter, and smarter. You’ll even look great and have healthier skin. 

Your body will love to hug and thank you for a job well done when you exercise regularly and keep fit. That’s what CrossFitLiege wants you to know with this advert.

26: Pocket Pies: Pies

Pocket Pies

Does this advert remind you about anything? Lions have the hardest job as predators. They have to run harder to catch prey, and sometimes, they work in vain. 

So, how about hunting prey the human way? Sounds nice to me! Pocket Pies got us cracking with this hilarious advert. 

27: Sky Company: The Feeling Never Leaves You

Sky Company

You can tell what this company does when you stumble on such an advert. You see the man’s face? That’s the same feeling when skydiving. 

This hilarious advert can remind the audience of their past skydiving adventure. We love how detailed and real the advert is, too. 

 28: Volkswagen Parking Assist: Fish and Hedgehog 

Volkswagen Parking Assist

This creative ad from Volkswagen passes its message loud and clear. It depicts precision parking, with the auto brand’s parking assist offers. 

29: Bose: Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise Reduction Headphones

A headphone that can shut out the noise from such a noisy area is worth wearing when you need absolute quietness. But sorry, dude, you’re drowning soon.  

30: WMF: Sharp


Imagine buying a knife this s

harp. You must be careful, as one mistake and one’s finger is gone. 

This advert from WMF is hilarious and captivating at the same time.  

31: Pedigree Light Dog Food: Weight Problem

Pedigree Light Dog Food

Pedigree will surely get the attention of dog owners with this dog food advert. Why? Obesity can be a serious problem for dogs. 

Anyway, the dog is stuck in the hole. Can someone help? This advert is hilarious, but poor dog food can lead to obesity. 

32: Sargam: Better Digestion


Here’s another hilarious ad. Bubbles from the rear of the swimmer tell the audience one thing: poor digestion. But Sargam claims it has the solution. 


These are funny print ads that will crack you up. A lot of creativity and brainstorming was put into creating these ads. 

Print ads are powerful marketing material. You can use them to capture your audience and get them to make buying decisions. The fact that they will only stumble on a few ads before yours makes print ads more powerful. 

Hilarious ads will make your audience laugh and inspire them to remember your brand. It will cause them to establish an emotional connection with your brand.  

Md. Julhas Alam, is a seasoned entrepreneur, and top-rated digital marketing professional. He has dedicated over a decade of his life, helping businesses succeed online. Julhas Alam is the founder of several leading digital marketing companies, BitChip Digital, Outreach Link Agency, and Go Savvy SEO . He has helped hundreds of online businesses save millions of dollars, generate millions of dollars in revenue and grow, through result-driven digital marketing services.