32 Funny Bumper Stickers That Will Make Your Day

Funny Bumper Stickers

Are you seeking funny bumper stickers to annoy, surprise, or crack people up? You are in the right place! 

We have handpicked the best funny bumper stickers for you. You’ll find bumper stickers that suit your needs and can make you go viral.

The use of stickers began in the 40s and 50s. Back then, employees at tourist centers placed stickers on visitors as they entered the parking lot. The aim was to introduce new products or services to new customers. 

In 1952, bumper stickers became popular in politics during the Dwight D. Eisenhower and Aldhai Stevenson II presidential election. Now, the use of stickers has only increased. 

Check out the hilarious bumper stickers we handpicked for you below. 

What Are Bumper Stickers?

Let’s define what a bumper sticker is before going deeper.  

Bumper stickers refer to labels printed on adhesive papers and placed on automobile bumpers (back or front). 

You can use bumper stickers for diverse purposes. You can also place them on various surfaces, not just automobiles alone. You can place stickers on the body of your side mirrors, rear and front windows, and other parts of the car. 

The most important thing is placing your stickers where eyes can quickly locate them. Thus, you can place them on the vehicle’s body or even use them to cover a dent.

You can use bumper stickers to announce your new product, service, or business. They’re also helpful in conveying important information, such as when there’s a baby in the car or you’re learning how to drive. 

Benefits You Can Get From Using Bumper Stickers?

You can achieve so much for your business with bumper stickers. You can even turn parking lots into advertising spaces with bumper stickers. 

Below, we discussed some benefits of bumper stickers. 

1: Stickers are vital branding materials:

You can deploy custom stickers to personalize your business’s indoor and outdoor areas. Stickers can help introduce your brand to prospects in the most captivating and cost-effective manner. 

Place stickers on the door to the office building so that visitors can create a memorable visual image of your brand before even meeting you.

2: Convey vital information: 

With custom stickers, you can convey information about yourself, your brand, and more. You can personalize the stickers using your text and ideal color. 

3: Huge potential to create original design:

One thing that sets bumper stickers apart and makes them suitable branding materials is that they have no rules. You can decide your stickers’ text, color, shape, size, and design. 

This explains why stickers are a must-have for brands looking to convey their messages and stand out. You can create stickers that get your brand message across in the most appealing way. 

4: Reach a wider audience:

Did you know you can reach a wider audience via stickers? You create thousands of stickers and give them to loyal customers. When these customers place the stickers on their cars (you can even offer to do it for them), they’ll take your brand message wherever they drive their vehicles. 

The benefit of this is that you’ll reach an audience you may likely not meet. 

5: Help identify your car:

Losing your car when similar cars are parked alongside yours is possible. It can happen to anyone, and even though you might identify it by observing each vehicle and racking your brain, you don’t have to go through that process. 

Branding it with bumper stickers will enable you to remember your car quickly. You won’t spend hours looking for where you parked your car. 

6: Make people laugh:

This is the main focus of this post. You can use funny stickers to crack people up and make them go from extremely angry to smiley. 

You will find a bunch of funny stickers that will crack people up and make their day. Keep reading to find out.    

Top Funny Bumper Stickers You Should Check Out

Funny bumper stickers are what they are: hilarious. Most of these stickers will make you laugh and crack a rib, while some will make you imagine how crazy some people can be. 

As a brand, you can use funny stickers to capture your audience’s attention and make your sticker go viral. Yes, your funny sticker can go viral if it gets uploaded on social media and people love it.

Below are the best funny bumper stickers that will make your day.  

1: Funny Prank Magnet Bumper Sticker – 12 Packs 

Funny Prank Magnet Bumper Sticker

The craziness of this bumper sticker is just out of this world. It comprises 12 different stickers, with all competing for the most hilarious. 

One of the stickers reads, “I like to close my windows and fart,” which we find hilarious. Now, imagine asking for a ride from a stranger only to find a sticker that says the car owner likes closing the windows to fart. Most people won’t accept the offer. 

In addition, other things that make these magnet bumper stickers stand out is their appeal, size, and sharpness. They are extra large and measure 10 x 3.5 inches. So people can see what is written on the bumper stickers from afar.   

These stickers are also built to withstand the elements of weather and are reusable. In addition, they won’t cause paint damage. 

2: The Funny Honking Bumper Sticker:

The Funny Honking Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Most drivers will annoy you with their horn. They can repeatedly honk and don’t care if it leaves other drivers, including passersby, uncomfortable. 

With this horn bumper sticker, you can make a fool out of drivers who enjoy annoying others with their horns. Just peel and stick to the rear of your car where their eyes can see it. 

These stickers are durable, appealing, and long-lasting. They are heat-resistant, waterproof, and easy to apply. Above all, you can place them on any surface (hard or smooth).

3: Naughty Bumper Stickers

Naughty Bumper Stickers
Source: amazon.com

This bumper sticker is a must-have if you want to be naughty. It comprises 12 packs, with all the stickers perfectly crafted to make anyone who stumbles on them laugh.

One of the write-ups says, “I am too gay to drive straight.” Then there is another that states, “Please be patient; the driver is a huge idiot.” You sincerely can’t get pissed with a driver when you find such stickers on the back of their cars. Instead, you’ll have a good laugh and just be patient.

4: The Crime Bumper Sticker

The Crime Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Even if you are angry and about to commit a crime, this sticker can convince you to have a rethink. It says, “Don’t commit a crime; the government dislikes competition.” It’s telling you that the government commits more crimes and hates it when you try to do what they do. 

Now, the simple question is, do you want to compete with the government for the most crime committed? Indeed, this bumper sticker is one of the most thought-provoking, simplest, and funniest stickers. 

This sticker is also durable. It boasts a strong adhesive that will cause it to remain fixed to wherever you place it. In addition, it can withstand the elements (rain, fog, sunshine, snow, heat) and retain its quality all year round. 

5: Bigfoot Funny Bumper Sticker:

Bigfoot Funny Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Here is the mother of all hilarious bumper stickers. Not only did it indicate that Bigfoot is real, but it tried to eat their ass up. 

Placing this sticker on the back of your car will surely make people laugh. We like the image of Bigfoot and bold text. People can even see the text and the Bigfoot from afar without straining their eyes. 

6: Ted Cruz Funny Bumper Sticker: This Man Ate My Son

Ted Cruz Funny Bumper Sticker This Man Ate My Son
Source: amazon.com

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this sticker is to wonder how Ted Cruz, a senator, suddenly became a cannibal. It says, “this man ate my son”

This Ted Cruz sticker is hilarious and thought-provoking. It is a sticker most Texans (epecially the opposition) will like to place on their cars.    

7: Giant Meteor Cute Bumper Sticker: End Of The World

Giant Meteor Cute Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

What a great way to announce the end of the world. Unfortunately, given the number of predictions about the end of the world we have had for the last few decades, we didn’t expect it to happen so late. 

The blue background and large “Giant Meteor” text make this sticker pop. Overall, it’s a great sticker that will keep reminding you that the end of the world is close.   

8: The Lobotomy Bumper Sticker:

The Lobotomy Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Two things set this sticker apart. The first is the background color, while the second is the legibility of the text. We can add a third, which is the color combination. It looks appealing and funny at the same time. 

You can use this sticker to introduce your brand to a broader audience. You might not be offering lobotomy per se. But whatever you’re offering, this sticker can help you get the message out. 

9: The Funny Warning Bumper Sticker:

The Funny Warning Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Here is one sticker that will crack people up, no matter who they are. It is the sort of sticker that grabs attention super fast.

A look at the word “WARNING” and the red background signifying danger will make you think the sticker is serious. But when you read the text at the bottom, you’ll discover how hilarious the sticker is. 

10: Funny Stickers For Kids Water Bottles:

Funny Stickers For Kids Water Bottles
Source: amazon.com

These fabulous and funky stickers give your kids’ water bottles, bags, and other school items a unique appeal. You can also place it on their toys, such as cars and other toys.

The sticker comprises over 200 PCS, so you have many options to pick from. In addition, their sizes range from 2 to 3.5 inches.

Adults can also use these stickers to customize a range of items. These include laptops, notebooks, computers, bikes, rooms, mugs, travel cases, phone cases, and bicycles.

11: The Good Noodle Funny Bumper Sticker

The Good Noodle Funny Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

You’ll love this bumper sticker if you love noodles or enjoy making people laugh and twist their necks like noodles. The write-up on this sticker is giggle-worthy. 

How can a whole human being be a noodle? We won’t be surprised if a fellow driver calls the cops when they see this sticker on your car. 

12: Funny Anti-tailgating Bumper Stickers:

Funny Anti-tailgating Bumper Stickers

Are you seeking the perfect anti-tailgating sticker for your car? Here are naughty and funny options for you. 

Imagine driving close to someone only to stumble on a sticker that says, “the closer you get, the slower I drive” on their bumper. And when you try honking, your eyes flash to the next sticker: “Honk if parts fall off.” 

The best thing for you is to laugh and be patient. You’re dealing with a driver who won’t feel offended no matter what you do.

13: Funny Duck Sticker: Peace Was Never An Option 

Funny Duck Sticker Peace Was Never An Option 
Source: amazon.com

Honestly, sometimes, peace is off the list of options available. War is the only option. But you better be well-armed before towing the path of war. Don’t be like this crazy duck.   

Here is a cool bumper sticker to scare off people who want to mess with you. 

14: Funny Government Bumper Sticker:

Funny Government Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Many people rely on the government to turn the nation’s fortune around. Of course, the people elected to serve and move the country forward. 

Politicians make numerous promises to capture the hearts of electorates. People expect them to perform when they get into office. But, unfortunately, we know how this goes. Experience is the best teacher when dealing with these politicians. 

So, this sticker is a great way to remind people that “if you trust the government, you’re wasting precious time.” 

15: Funny Anti-Political Party Bumper Sticker:

Funny Anti-Political Party Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Is there a better way to express one’s political neutrality than this? Of course, there’s none. 

With this bumper sticker on your car, you don’t need to explain to anyone that you’re apolitical. The sticker will do the talking. 

16: Funny Political Bumper Sticker:

Funny Political Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Let people know that elections have consequences. If you elect the right person, things will go right in our country. If you do otherwise, the reverse is the case. 

This sticker says, “Elect a clown and expect a circus.” And that is what can happen. A monkey cannot act like a lion. You can’t plant corn and harvest potatoes. 

17: Small-Town Living Funny Bumper Sticker

Small-Town Living Funny Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

This sticker is ideal for people who treasure their country and rural roots. If you love America or wherever you’re from and value every second you spend in your small town, this sticker is for you. 

With this sticker on your car, you have shown the world how much you treasure small-town living and your country. Be proud of your rural roots and your country. 

18: Student Driver Sticker:

Student Driver Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Use this sticker to discourage other drivers from demanding that you drive faster like them when you’re just a student driver. Place it at the rear of your car where their eyes can easily see it. 

The color combination of this sticker makes it conspicuous. The sticker is visible day and night. Drivers will spot it from a distance and stop bothering you. But first, expect many to laugh at you, thanks to this sticker. 

19: New Driver Notification Bumper Sticker:

New Driver Notification Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Here is another funny sticker you can use to notify drivers that you’re a student driver and get them to slow down. 

This sticker will stay visible regardless of the weather conditions. It boasts a reflective material that makes it easy to spot from afar, even under heavy rain, fog, or at night. 

20: Sister of A Soldier Hilarious Sticker

Sister of A Soldier Hilarious Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Is your relative in the U.S. Army? If yes, don’t be afraid to show them off. Let your entire community of friends, neighbors, and strangers know you have a family member serving in the army. It’s a thing of joy and something to be proud of. 

So, place this sticker on your car and show it off. Let people know who you are. 

21: Proud Mother of A U.S. Marine Sticker 

Proud Mother of A U.S. Marine Sticker 
Source: amazon.com

Place this must-see sticker on your suitcase, notebook, helmet, air conditioner, laptop, or anywhere else. Let the world know your son is in the U.S. Marines and how proud you are to show him off. 

Your son is serving the country. And he’s one of the reasons America is safe and criminals are not terrorizing its people. So, he’s worth celebrating, and so are you. 

22: Funny Skeleton Sticker: Mental Health

Funny Skeleton Sticker
Source: amazon.com

A skeleton acknowledging how delightful it is to be a skeleton is the most hilarious thing you’ll find as a car sticker. He’s even drinking hot tea and that makes the matter hotter. 

Place this sticker at the rear of your car to make others laugh. It’s one of the tiniest things you can do to make people laugh. And remember to compliment yourself. You look great, no matter what others think about you. 

23: Funny & Naughty Bumper Sticker

Funny & Naughty Bumper Sticker

This sticker is naughty, so it may not suit everyone. Stay off this sticker if you don’t want people to know how naughty you can be. Don’t place this sticker on a car you drive to the office if you don’t want people to start assuming you’re naughty.

24: Funny Poop Bumper Sticker:

Funny Poop Bumper Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Here is a funny sticker that explains why you’re on top speed. It says, “I speed because I have to poop. Unfortunately, this reason would be music to the ears of the cops when you drive too fast. But it will surely make other drivers have a good laugh.   

25: Funny & Provocative Bumper Sticker

Funny & Provocative Bumper Sticker

This bumper sticker is both funny and provocative. So, if you know you aren’t ready for trouble, this sticker isn’t for you. 

26: Just A Scratch Funny Sticker:

Just A Scratch Funny Sticker
Source: amazon.com

This funny sticker is ideal for customizing anything. You can place it on your phone, laptop, gaming console, car, suitcase, mug, etc. 

The artwork and write-up make the sticker hilarious. It shows a man whose arm has been chopped off, yet claims it’s not a big deal. We all have that one crazy friend who treats serious issues so trivial. 

27: Say When Skeleton Sticker:

Say When Skeleton Sticker
Source: amazon.com

When the doctor says, “cigarette kills,” but you have been smoking for decades, and nothing has happened. You’ll be forced to ask, “say when!” You have been waiting forever, and nothing has happened. 

We’re not trying to justify smoking, but it’s your life, and so do you. However, this sticker is hilarious, and you can use it to customize many things, too. 

28: Bigfoot Hilarious Sticker

 Bigfoot Hilarious Sticker
Source: amazon.com

Do you believe in Bigfoot? Well, it doesn’t believe in you either. This sticker is the mother of all Bigfoot stickers we have come across. 

The text is legible, and the colors are appealing. The background comprises several colors that make Bigfoot more visible. You can read the content of this sticker from afar, too. 

29: Old Driver Sarcastic Sticker

Old Driver Sarcastic Sticker
Source: amazon.com

You need one of these stickers if you’re an old driver. Let the young Gen Z and Millennial drivers know you can drive like that. 

We salute your courage to still get behind the wheel despite your age. But before you start driving, get one of these stickers so that younger drivers can understand why you’re moving slower before they try overtaking your car. 

30: My Driving Scares Me

My Driving Scares Me
Source: amazon.com

Imagine driving behind someone, and you spot a sticker that says, “My driving scares me too.” What will you do?

I will laugh and ensure I don’t drive too close to the person’s car. You never know what can happen when you do so.  

31: Fart Bumper Stickers:

Fart Bumper Stickers
Source: amazon.com

Tease your kids and other kids in the neighborhood with this funny sticker. Let them know how dangerous your fart is and what it does to children.

32: Senior Driver Stickers:

Senior Driver Stickers
Source: amazon.com

Inform other drivers respectfully that you’re a senior citizen, so they have to be patient with you with this unique sticker.

This sticker boasts reflective material that makes it visible at night, during heavy rain or fog. Any driver will spot it easily as long as the headlights are on. 


So, these are funny bumper stickers that will make people laugh and be informed, too. However, the bumper is one of many areas where you can place these stickers. 

You can use them to customize your laptop, gaming console, phone, phone case, computer, suitcase, mug, etc. Furthermore, remember to place your stickers where people can easily spot them. 

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