45 Best Infographic Map Examples And Ideas 

Best Infographic Map Examples

Are you seeking infographic map examples to draw inspiration? You have come to the right place! Infographics remain vital visual materials deployed to simplify complex data and information. 

With an infographic map, you can explain complex statistical data and information to a level even a non-statistician can understand. The unique color contrast, statistical features, shape, and icons make infographic maps visually appealing.

We have handpicked the best infographic maps for you. Check out how powerful infographics can be when presenting complex data or information. 

Are you ready? If yes, let’s get started.

1: World Map:

World Map

Here is an infographic world map showing different parts of the globe. Each country is marked by a unique color, making the entire map visually appealing. 

This map isn’t the type for illustrating complex data. It suits reports where mentioning the world map and representing it visually is critical to the story. 

2: The Election Report Map:

The Election Report Map

This infographic map shows how states have been voting since 1992. The blue states represent Democrats, while the red represents Republicans. 

The data on this map shows that blue states (Democrats) have garnered 242 electoral votes, while red states (Republicans) have had 102 electoral votes. 

This data may not accurately represent the outcome of votes from 1992 to 2012. The main point here is to illustrate how detailed and simplified information can be on infographics. 

3: Map Showing Olympic Gold Medalists

Map Showing Olympic Gold Medalists

This infographic map example shows olympic gold medalists per country. It comprises athletes who have clinched at least three gold medals from 1856 to 2016. 

The map shows that Russia and the United States of America have the most Olympic gold medals from the period mentioned. No other country comes close. 

Mentioning each country, including the gold medals they won, will take time and even create confusion. But with an infographic map, you can capture all the critical information and present it more easily. 

4: Coronavirus Map 

Coronavirus Map 
Source: freepik.com

Here is an example of an infographic Coronavirus map. You can present data on the virus via this map, making it easier for people to keep up-to-date and track reports about the virus. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created a massive shockwave in the global health sector. Tracking the disease across the globe was difficult because of the rate at which the virus spread from person to person and deaths recorded worldwide.

An infographic map like the one above will make it easier to track the disease across the globe. You can incorporate information on deaths across the world from the map. You can also easily update the map to keep up with the spread and death caused by the disease worldwide.   

5: Map To Track Global Distribution of People Infected With HIV/AIDS

Map To Track Global Distribution of People Infected With HIVAIDS
Source: freepik.com

This infographic map example shows how you can use a map to show the global distribution of people infected with HIV and AIDS. Of course, such a report will include massive data. But with an infographic map, you can simplify the data. 

The map above doesn’t contain data or information related to HIV and AIDS. It’s just a sample of how an infographic map can help you simplify reporting on diseases.    

6: African Map Infographic Example

African Map Infographic Example
Source: freepik.com

This map shows the entire African continent. It is a comprehensive map of Africa that you can incorporate in your report. 

The above map is a template and shows how colorful and detailed infographic maps can be. Use colors to captivate and keep your readers hooked to your map. Customize your infographic maps to make your report about the African continent stand out.  

7: World Map Infographic With Icon

World Map Infographic With Icon
Source: freepik.com

This world map infographic boasts icons representing different continents. Note that this is an infographic map example and does not contain data. But you can incorporate your data and present your report in a unique way. 

Infographic maps with icons are unique. You can see how the icons make it possible to include more critical information about the various continents.  

8: Most Haunted States Infographics

Most Haunted States Infographics

This infographic map shows the most haunted states in the U.S. It includes the states, recorded ghost sightings, population, and percentage of people who claimed to have seen a ghost. 

The map is highly captivating, and that’s an important feature about a creative infographic map. It has to be visually appealing to keep readers interested and hooked. 

9: World Map Infographic With Pinpoint And Statistics

World Map Infographic With Pinpoint And Statistics

Here is an infographic design showing a detailed and comprehensive map. The infographic gives a glimpse of the myriads of information you can add to the map. 

There is a pie chart to illustrate statistical data. The pinpoints highlight different sections of the map, and make it colorful. 

10: Business Web Infographic Featuring Round Button Percentage

Business Web Infographic Featuring Round Button Percentage

This business web infographic map proves how detailed, colorful, and simplistic infographics can be when used to present data.

You’ll find colorful balls on the global map and round button percentages. The balls comprise different colors, making the map more visually appealing.

11: Gradient African Map Infographic

Gradient African Map Infographic
Source: freepik.com

This gradient map for the African content shows another dimension the infographic can take. It shows how customizable the infographic map is. 

The gradient boasts varied colors, making the map more appealing. There is also an icon on each gradient highlighting different information.

12: Gradient China Map: China Infographics

Gradient China Map
Source: freepik.com

Use the example above to create a colorful map and report about China. This map boasts a simple design and cool colors. 

The colors offer the map a distinctive look and make it more appealing. It is a cool map to illustrate various events in the Asian country. These include COVID-19 or the country’s geographical distribution of specific races or age groups.

13: African Map Infographic: Flat Design

African Map Infographic
Source: freepik.com

This infographic map boasts a flat design. But on the right side, you’ll find buttons of varied colors and a graph beneath the buttons. 

With this infographic map, you can uniquely capture and illustrate a wide range of data. But don’t forget to incorporate percentages to make the map more robust. 

14: Business World Map Infographic

Business World Map Infographic

This infographic map boasts a bar chart and several icons. You can include percentages on the icons and even explain further. 

You can use the bar chart to provide unique information about the data you’re presenting. The map is a sample, so you can tweak it to capture any data you want. 

15: Infographic Steps Concept Map

Infographic Steps Concept Map
Source: freepik.com

This infographic map is ideal for capturing past events. You can use it to indicate an event that happened from year to year and from one part of the continent to another.  

The example above boasts five steps, each button-like icon indicating a different year. Above all, the color of each button-like icon makes the map more appealing. 

16: Infographic With World Map

Infographic With World Map
Source: freepik.com

This infographic map example is a wise choice if you’re looking to capture diverse data from varied events. It features mixed icons that allow you to present data professionally. The icons make the map more detailed and easy to understand. 

17: Continents Infographic Map: Politics Infographic

Continents Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

Here is an infographic example that shows varied continents. It is a detailed infographic that captures different continents, including Antarctica. 

Each continent is represented with a different color, making the map visually appealing and unique. It shows how customizable infographic maps can be. 

18: Global Web Infographic

Global Web Infographic
Source: freepik.com

In addition to the gray background, the colored balls make this infographic map stand out from the crowd. It also features business icons placed in gray circles. 

You can use this infographic map for business, political, health, or any type of report. Customize it to suit your report, brand or niche. 

19: Unique Continental Map With Icons

Unique Continental Map With Icons
Source: freepik.com

If you’re working on a report that requires an infographic continental map with icons, this example should provide the inspiration you seek. 

You can capture varied events on this map. You can see from the example how the timelines of varied events were illustrated for various years. You can even provide more information about each timeline inside the icons.

There’s an option to write a title on each icon before providing your title description. The idea is to make each section easy to identify and understand.

 20: World Map Travel Infographic

World Map Travel Infographic
Source: freepik.com

If you own a travel agency or are working on a related report, you’ll find this infographic map fascinating. 

The map captures landmarks and must-see tourist attractions while providing details of how your flight will navigate across different continents to your specific location. 

Underneath the world map and landmark illustrations are details of each continent. However, this isn’t a map to use figures, percentages, bar charts, graphs, and others. 

It boasts landmark illustrations showing the rich cultural heritage and tourist attractions countries worldwide have. 

21: World Best Countries For Employers Infographics

World Best Countries For Employers Infographics
Source: visme.co

Here is a world map showing the best countries for employers across the continent. This is the sort of map employees are looking for. When you know where the best employers are, it makes it easier to decide where to relocate to.  

22: World Infographic Map:

World Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

This infographic map example boasts many options for you to present your data. In addition to providing a world map, it boasts several statistical templates for data presentation. 

The statistical templates are also quite colorful, making the entire infographic visually appealing. There is also an option to include percentages too. 

23: World’s Top 10 Countries Infographic Map

World’s Top 10 Countries Infographic Map

This infographic world map example is the map you can use in your presentation when comparing countries. It boasts a clean and simple design, plus contrasting colors. 

You can customize this map in diverse ways to make your report appealing. Use clickable links or change the color to your taste. 

24: World Map Infographic Design:

World Map Infographic Design
Source: freepik.com

This world map infographic looks the part. It boasts several contrasting colors, including yellow, which highlights several vital areas on the map. 

The flag icon also makes this map unique. It provides an option to include percentages, making the map information-packed. In case you need a pie chart, there’s one beneath the map.  

25: North And South America Infographic Map

North And South America Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

Do you need a hand-drawn American map? Here is an excellent example for you. You can highlight the differences between both regions (North and South America) via this app. 

Show historical events that took place in both regions on specific dates. There’s an option for that on the map. This map also boasts a bar chart, in case you need one to simplify your data further. 

26: Latin America Bear Consumption Comparison Map

Latin America Bear Consumption Comparison Map
Source: visme.co

Which country consumes the most beer in the whole of Latin America? Is it Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Peru, or Columbia? Use the map above to present the data from your findings. 

This infographic map contains more than just a map of the South American region. It includes a glass of beer, making it easier for anyone to identify what the map is all about. The map itself is also captivating. Its contrasting colors make it a breeze to differentiate the various countries in the region.  

27: Popular U.S. Attraction Map Infographic 

Popular U.S. Attraction Map Infographic .
Source: visme.co

Show popular attraction areas in the United States of America uniquely. Using this infographic map, you can present this information in a way that people can easily decide their next destinations. 

You can see how the map simplifies the information. It represents regions with over 10 million visitors a year with a specific color, which, in this case, is yellow. On the other hand, the blue color represents the region that records more than 5 million visits per year.

28: Brazil Infographic Map

Brazil Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

Do you have a comprehensive report on Brazil you wish to present on a map? If the data is massive, you can use this map to make it simpler. Make the data easy to understand by splitting it into different sections. You can add complex data on this map. 

The map boasts a graph, a pie chart, and even an option to present percentages. The contrasting colors add to the map’s visual appeal too. 

29: Retro Infographic Map About The United States of America

Retro Infographic Map About The United States of America
Source: freepik.com

Here is a highly colorful, captivating, and detailed United States of America map. You can use it to illustrate reports on voters in different regions or show the geographical distribution of mineral resources, including attractions in the country. 

This map can accommodate complex data, making it simple for even a non-statistician to understand. It boasts a graph, pie chart, and other statistical features that you can use to present your data neatly. 

30: Flat Infographic World Map 

Flat Infographic World Map
Source: freepik.com

Provide brief data about the continent with this flat infographic map. There is a section below where you can provide valuable information about the continent. 

Use this map to show the region’s percentage covered by water, forest, or mountain. The map already has icons for each. 

31: America Infographic Map

America Infographic Map

This map makes it easier to present data about America. It boasts four options, offering the flexibility to give a detailed report about the region on specific events. 

The colors used on the map are also quite inviting. You can use the colors to highlight important areas on the map, making it more detailed yet simple for anyone to grab. 

32: U.S. Infographic Map

U.S. Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

This 4-in-1 U.S. map clearly shows how distinct and customizable infographic maps are. Using this infographic map, you can present a wide range of data about the United States of America. 

Show election results by state or capture how both political parties (Democrats and Republicans) are performing in each state, during presidential elections. You can change the colors representing each state to a more captivating one. 

Besides politics, there are many things you can use this infographic example to illustrate. The goal is to make the data you’re presenting easier for non-statisticians, as they’re part of your audience. 

33: Infographic America Map 

Infographic America Map 
Source: freepik.com

Here is a colorful and professional-looking America infographic map example. The map looks clean and boasts several fantastic colors. 

There is a bar chart and an option to use percentages on this map. It’s a unique hand-drawn infographic map that will prove valuable when presenting data where many texts are required. 

34: Canada Infographic Map

Canada Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

Do you have a comprehensive report about Canada you wish to present to the world in a simplified manner? Here is an ideal map for you.

This map will capture a significant amount of information about Canada. The contrasting colors also make it easier to highlight different sections of the country. 

This infographic is an ideal map to use if your report requires you to do a lot of writing and use fewer figures. 

35: Europe Map Infographic 

Europe Map Infographic 
Source: freepik.com

This European map features four sections in one. The maps aren’t super colorful as others but look bold enough for data presentation. 

You can use each section of the map to present different data to your audience. And tweak the colors to make the map more appealing. 

36: World Map Infographic With Pie Chart

World Map Infographic With Pie Chart

Some data are too complex to present on a map alone. You need other statistical features to illustrate them.

This world map isn’t only colorful; it features a pie chart that lets you capture different data and illustrate them in an easy-to-understand manner. The colors and gradients on the map make it unique, too. 

37: Europe Infographic Map:

Europe Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

Here is another highly detailed Europe infographic map. It only includes a few colors, though it looks the part visually. 

You can use this map to present statistical data of the entire Europe. But note that this map is more valuable if you’re looking to present a report requiring fewer figures and more text.

38: Comprehensive Europe Map Infographic 

Europe Infographic Map

The word “comprehensive” doesn’t mean the data the map captures is difficult to understand. Instead, it refers to the complexity of the map and its capacity to capture massive data.  

As you can see, the map boasts several statistical features you can deploy to present large data and make it look simple to statisticians and non-statisticians. In addition, the map has options where you can provide texts to provide detailed explanation of the results. 

39: Flat France Map Infographic

Flat France Map Infographic
Source: freepik.com

This French map boasts the country’s flag’s unique blue and red colors. From a distance, anyone can identify this map as belonging to France. 

The map boasts several icons and circles to include percentages. There are also options to provide text for each icon to make them easier to understand. 

40: Norway Map Infographic

Norway Map Infographic
Source: vecteezy.com

Use this Norway infographic map to present crucial data about the region. You can see details about the country on the map, such as language, area, capital, and currency. 

This map also boasts three pie charts, which you can use to present different data. It’s one of many unique maps you can use to present statistical data about Norway. 

41: Denmark Map Infographic

Denmark Map Infographic
Source: vecteezy.com

You can tell that this map is about Denmark through its colors. The map features three pie charts and a little information about the country. 

It boasts information about Denmark’s language, currency, area, and capital. Now, what’s left is to incorporate your data on the pie chart and get your report ready. 

42: United Kingdom Infographic Map

United Kingdom Infographic Map
Source: vecteezy.com

Here is another infographic country map example that shows how customizable infographics are. The United Kingdom map shows the country’s diverse regions and contrasting map colors.

The map features a pie chart and the option to include more information about the United Kingdom. It details the UK’s language, currency, area, and capital.

43: Germany Infographic Map

Germany Infographic Map
Source: vecteezy.com

Here is a unique German infographic map example that captures the three unique colors of the country’s flag – black, red, and yellow. It also features a pie chart and information that gives readers a heads-up about the country. 

44: Roadmap Infographic

Roadmap Infographic

This flat roadmap infographic is a wise choice for statistical presentations requiring much writing. It looks colorful and features diverse sections where you can provide detailed information about the subject. 

45: Australia Infographic Map

Australia Infographic Map
Source: freepik.com

Here is a modern, visually appealing, and detailed infographic map. It is the map of Australia, presented in a colorful and statistically presentable way.

You can use this map to show the geographical distribution of the country’s mineral resources or other subjects. Illustrate how diverse each part of the country differs from each other. 

The map also includes a pie chart you may need to present other research data.        


These are inspirational infographic map examples. They show how customizable infographics are. 

You can use these maps to illustrate comprehensive data in a simple-to-understand manner. Use the various statistical features to present the data in a way that even non-statisticians can understand. 

You can customize infographic maps to capture all the data in your report. Tweak the colors, statistical features, size, and figures. 

The most important tip to consider when using infographic maps is to ensure the colors are visually appealing. In addition, the map should be easy to understand, as that’s the principal aim of using it in the first place. 


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