Best Minecraft Server Software: A Detailed Guide 

Best Minecraft Server Software

Do you need the best Minecraft server software? And can this be a major determinant of your gaming experience? Yes, it can. 

What is Minecraft Server Software?

Before we go into the details of the best Minecraft server software, let us first understand what Minecraft server software is. 

So, what is Minecraft server software? This game server was designed after the video game called Minecraft was designed in 2009. Unlike the normal implication of a server which is a single machine, this Minecraft ‘server’ actually describes a network of several connected servers.

The players can start their server or use a hosting provider so that their server can run on machines with guaranteed uptime. The largest and most used server in the Minecraft gaming world is Hyperpixel.

Minecraft multiplayer servers use server operators who can access the server commands. These commands could be setting the world spawn, setting the time of the day, or teleporting players.

The server owner can set up and install plugins to change the mechanics of the server and run several other features. They can also put up restrictions regarding usernames or IP addresses and how they are permitted or disallowed into the server.

Multiplayer servers have so many activities they can do. Beyond that, some of the servers have unique rules, customs, and premises. You can enable Player versus Player combat to allow fighting between two players. 

It is also possible to use custom plugins, and you can also use mods to allow actions that could not have been permitted in the vanilla form of the game. There are many modifications of the server software that allow cross-play between the Bedrock and Java editions of the game.

The Best Minecraft Server Software

The gaming experience on Minecraft is based online. Minecraft has a multiplayer world ranging from the fun parkour Minecraft servers to the exciting experience of playing with your friends, aimed at giving everyone a touch of what they came for.

These servers have everything from powerful mod packs to beautiful house ideas that change the game’s outlook. All you need to do is install the latest Minecraft 1.18 update on your PC.

However, many servers allow players with older versions to join without major issues.

So, to have the best gaming experience possible, let us now look at a list of the best Minecraft servers you should consider to grasp the power of Minecraft gaming fully. 

We made these choices based on the activity in their community, the overall gaming experience, and its uniqueness. However, this list is not ranked in any way.

Let us begin to look at our list.

1. Brawl:

This Minecraft server has plugins, mods, and textures. Brawl has exclusive content that you can’t find in any other place. This makes it quite different from other online servers that own community mods. 

Brawl has several games, such as raids, zombie survival, and Capture the Flag.


An amazing thing to note about the Brawl server is that it has a creative mode dedicated to helping you construct your masterpiece. Also, it offers its users a Party zone with short and fun mini-games for your pleasure.

2. Hyperpixel

JavaServer Address:

This is the world’s largest and most popular Minecraft server. Hyperpixel has unlimited features to try out, including weekly tournaments and frequently updated content.

As a result of the amazing features, purchasable items, exclusive maps, and independent community, Hyperpixel is an independent game based on Minecraft.

Hyperpixel also has fun Minecraft mini-games such as paintball, murder-mystery, Bedwars, vampires, Duels, Cops, and Crims. There are also a lot of Minecraft biomes that have been customized to suit your wants. 

The SkyWars game mode on the Hyperpixel server is a very tricky PvP take on the original Minecraft Skyblock server. It has several options making it the ideal place to have fun with your pals.

3. Minecraft Middle Earth

Java IP:

Server: Minecraft RPG server

Minecraft Middle Earth is based on Peter Jackson’s cinematic version of Middle-earth. It gives the look of a classic world immortalized in textured blocks. However, this project is still incomplete.

Therefore, when using this server, you can help to advance the building of the world of elves, creatures of short stature, and men, just as long as you abide by the rules of the game.

3. Minecraft Middle Earth

4. Ranch n Craft

Java IP:

Server:Minecraft RPG server

From the name, you can guess that Ranch n Craft will have a touch of the Western. Unlike other Wild West-themed servers full of saloon brawls and shootouts, Ranch n Craft sticks to the simple country lifestyle; horse taming, line dancing, farming, etc. 

This server is ideal for Minecrafters who are very comfortable in the saddle. This is because Ranch n Craft is fully packed with several equestrian-based features you can only find on this server.

Minecrafters can claim portions of land, build their ranches, breed horses, and even farm as many crops as they want. Ranch n Craft is a peaceful server with many helpful moderators and a grief-free community.

4. Ranch n Craft

5. HiveMC


Server: Minecraft mini-games server

This is one of the world’s largest Minecraft servers, meaning there must be something fun to do, such as hide-and-seek games and survival games. HiveMc is available on both Java and bedrock editions, and they cover a lot of genres. 

HiveMC always comes up with new mini-games to spice up the server and entertain its users. What’s more, they come with maps to house them.


6. Among Us Performium

Among Us Performium is a Minecraft server designed as a  tribute to one of the most famous games of the pandemic era. Although the game is no longer as popular as it was in those times, the player count of this server proves that its reign is not yet over.

Among Us, Performium servers have a creative mode designed based on the game. But this is not all the server is about.

6. Among Us Performium

There are several Among Us Minecraft maps for you to play with friends. But, if you want to use a public server and play with strangers, the best option is the RGA Minecraft’s Among Us server. This is ideal because it does not require texture packs or mods to play and is open to all. However, this server would look better if it had some Minecraft shaders.

The gameplay on Among Us is intelligently designed, with a health bar at the top giving you updates on your task progress, and you are given a compass to help you see your outstanding tasks.

This server has several other survival, creative, and mini-game modes. There are also a lot of single-player competitive community games, which allow you to pay alone when your friends are unavailable.

7. MineHeroes

Java Server

Bedrock Server

This is another server that works on both Java and Bedrock editions. MineHeroes is sought after because of the regular release of custom Minecraft maps, which blow the minds of its players. 

Apart from these amazing maps, there are many game modes to choose from, ranging from prison to survival.


If you do not enjoy roleplay, MineHeroes also has a world of skyblocks, structures, and bizarre creatures to explore. You can buy in-game from their stores to gain access to exclusive experiences.

8. Minescape

Java IP: mindscape. me

Server: Minecraft RPG server

This carefully constructed Minecraft RPG server now enables RuneScape fans to level their skills to 99 in Minecraft. MineScape has been designed to resemble the best free MMOs. A couple of years’ work has gone into reproducing all the skills, mobs, and locations in RuneScape. 

Interestingly, Minescape took its inspiration from both RS3 and OSRS, so players of both will use this server easily.

8. Minescape

9. Minewind


Server: Minecraft survival server

The Minewind server is not built to give you a serene experience. It is the ideal playground for deception, player-killing, and grief. The entire point of the game is for you to survive as long as you can. Remember that this is still Minecraft, so you should expect a lot of Minecraft double-crossers, mobs, and killers.

9. Minewind

10. Pixelmon on PocketPixel

Java Server Address:

The Pixelmon is a story-based server and has a single-player feature. It is similar to the original Pokemon games in that you can go on adventures to fight and capture Pokemon.

This server also has in-game characters like the professor, Ash’s mother, etc. Because it is an online server, you will have the opportunity to have contact with other Pokemon fans from all over the globe while you are exploring the world.

Pixelmon on PocketPixel

However, if you choose to run Pixelmon offline, it has one of the best Minecraft mods. It is very easy to recognize the Pokemons on this server because they are not in the generic Minecraft block build.

11. PixelmonCraft

Java or

Server: Minecraft RPG server

The Pixelmon mod is a favorite Minecraft mod among players, but the one thing that made it even better is a multiplayer feature. 

This is exactly what the Pixelmon craft has done, which made it one of the best Minecraft servers ever. It turns the single-player Pokemon-themed Pixelmon mod and gives you a multiplayer experience instead.

The team behind PixelmonCraft redesigned the towns and locations of Pokemon games and other aspects of the gameplay. In Minecraft, the animals are replaced with Pokemon. You can use them in battle. There are also gym leaders to fight, long grasses to avoid, and Pokemarts to shop in.

12. Roleplay-Hub

Java Server

Bedrock Server

The Roleplay Hub is a server that uses school and fantasy roleplay themes. This is the best server for several roles and scenarios. It also offers in-game experiences within Minecraft. 

In Roleplay-Hub, the players and the moderators take their roleplaying very seriously, which helps to give you the best experience you can ever have in story-based gameplay.

Roleplay-Hub has a creative mod for people who do not want to engage in roleplay and instead want to interact with the community. This server works on Bedrock and Java editions, although the worlds are slightly different.

13. SkyBlock Network

Java Server Address:

This is a great Minecraft server because it offers the same features as other good servers, like great structures, exciting mini-games, and unique mobs. 

However, all these features are always located on the edges of blocks flying high in the sky. As a Skyblock player, you must be careful not to fall off.

SkyBlock Network

Once you have settled that, you will find the rest of the experience quite captivating.

14. Mineplex

Java Server or


Mineplex is one of the most popular online servers on Minecraft, Bedrock, and Java. The server has a lot of games to choose from and many players online. You could engage in survival games inspired by the battle royale genre. 

There are also cake wars where there is a need to protect your cake from hungry enemies while trying to take their cakes at the same time.

Other games include MineStrike, Minecraft’s version of Counter-Strike sky-wars, games involving building things with other players, and Global Offensive, where a particular team plans a bomb on one of two sites. In contrast, the other team protects and defends them.

As a result, if you are the type of player who has always wanted a community-based server, this is the right server for you.

14. Mineplex

Mineplex has many players, many game types, and several arenas. It has something for everyone. There is even a shop where you can get several exclusive items to use in-game.

15. OmegaCraft

Java Address: omega

OmegaCraft is a non-English Minecraft server. While you may have issues getting to the necessary locations, this server has many adventures for everyone interested.

Omegacraft boasts a hunger game-style mode, amongst other original game modes designed to suit the needs of several players.

15. OmegaCraft

On OmegaCraft, you can compete in group-based events. Because of the language barrier, apps like Duolingo could make it easy for you. You could also make use of the basic English instructions on the server.

16. Grand Theft Minecraft

Java Address:

Bedrock Address:

Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft are top members of the largest online communities. As a result, Grand Theft Minecraft brings the Grand Theft auto world into a Minecraft server for the best experience. It makes a wonderful merge of two of the biggest games on PC.

There is a very active community around this server, with an underground network for you to discover and explore.

16. Grand Theft Minecraft

Replete with police officers to avoid, weapons to shoot, and houses to own, Grand Theft Minecraft is an exciting recreation of the GTA experience. This automatically makes it one of the best Minecraft servers in the world.

17. BrokenLens Games

Java Address:

BrokenLens is a complete Minecraft server. This server has a Fall guys-style gameplay. It has many beautiful options, such as a dance party, mysteries, building games, survival games, hide and seek, etc.

Also, so many categories of mini-games help keep you and your friends on your toes for hours.

17. BrokenLens Games

This is the ideal server to use if you are a player needing a wide range of game options. The BrokenLens server has some level of cross-play between several editions of Minecraft.

18. LiberCraft

Java Address:

Libercraft is a survival PvP server that does not make use of pods. This server is an exciting and interactive area where people can have a wonderful Minecraft experience, such as it is.

Libercraft is a very simple server for your PC, which makes it the best option for lower-end PC gamers. This is the server for you if you want to chill and have fun with your friends on Minecraft.

18. LiberCraft

The fact that libercraft is simple does not mean it does not have special features. This server has unique structures and game mechanics like a Minecraft resource pack.

19. Minr

Java IP:

Server: Minecraft parkour server

Minr is a very old Minecraft server. This does not make the server old-fashioned. It just means that there are years of content and builds to explore. The server is replete with adventure and parkour. There are also so many challenges for all difficulties that will keep on the game each time you visit it.


20. PirateCraft

Java IP:

Server:Minecraft RPG server

Piratecraft is the perfect game for players who love pirate-style games. The server is a sail, build, and plunder game and shows you the world of scurvy and theft. It has a completely functioning ship-to-ship combat mechanic, just like in the real world.

Although the idea is quite clumsy, it is doable. The ships in this game are built and sailed across the seas. Cannons on said ships are mounted to the hull to blast at the enemy ship when under attack.

Also, on land, there is a very simple economy that runs the trade of the booty. Players have the opportunity to create their own Minecraft houses. You can also have Minecraft builds on safe zones. These are used to hide and store the treasures looted from the ships.

As safe zones, they are protected from griefers which means that you do not need to fear that other players will come to thrash your work.

Piratecraft’s salty setting makes it one of the best Minecraft roleplay servers. Just as in several roleplay games, there will be grief. If the owners are in a Safe Zone, other players can siege them. The attackers can destroy ‘soft’ blocks’  and hang around until the defender surrenders or the attackers give up and walk away.

Similarly, you can have your ships stolen at sea as long as the owner is not on board at the time. 


21. LemonCloud


LemonCloud is a Minecraft server that uses only the Java edition of Minecraft. It has a fun and serene community. The server is not always jam-packed with activity. As a result, you can use it to play with your friends and not be interrupted by strangers. With LemonCloud, you can access major game mods like PvP, Skywars, Prison, Skyblock, etc.


22. OP Legends

Java Address:

This server has a very engaging community inside and outside the game. A contest or giveaway is going on almost all the time, thanks to YouTube and Twitch.

So, if you want to have a Minecraft experience outside Minecraft, OP Legends is the server you should go for.

22. OP Legends

OP Legends has rich game modes like a prison, and that’s not all. They also have special upgrades. For example, on this server, you will find Jurassic World in the Prison game mode. Creative innovations like this give users a very interesting online Minecraft experience.

23. Westeroscraft

Java Address:

This is certainly a very interesting Minecraft server. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, then you love Westeroscraft. Several reviews have proved it to be one of the best exploration servers for Minecraft players.

Surprisingly, there are more than 400 locations to explore in this precise and fun replication of the Game of Thrones world.

23. Westeroscraft

The server is filled with almost all the movie series features in astonishing detail, from the iron islands and The wall to the castles and The Red Keep at King’s Landing. It also has beautiful royal interiors that are simply captivating.

If we rated Middle-Earth as our fantasy Minecraft server, then Westeroscraft is our modern great. Many of the areas and locations in the game were built from the designs of the movie.

However, just like Minecraft Middle-Earth, it is not yet a complete project.

24. The Mining Dead

Java IP:

Server:Minecraft survival server

This server has both PvP and PvE. The Mining Dead is a recreation of AMC’s The Walking Dead, as seen in the similarity in the names. There is a large map with the fight, craft, and survival pattern. The players will need to fight off other players and walkers.

The players in this game do all they must to survive and make it out alive, making the action in this gameplay look like Minecraft’s version of DayZ. In this gameplay, there are features such as certain locations from TV series like Alexandria, The Prison, and Woodbury.

24. The Mining Dead

25. The Archon

Server: Minecraft Skyblock and faction servers

The Archon has a very large community. Their attraction to this server is because of the regularly updated Minecraft game modes. It is a great server for Minecraft factions and Minecraft Skyblock. The Archon also offers other game modes like prison, robbery, and outlands game modes.

25. The Archon

26. Manacube

Server:Minecraft Skyblock, faction, parkour, creative, and survival servers

Very few large Minecraft factions servers have minimal ‘pay to win’ elements. As a result of its newly balanced shop, Manacube is one such server. It also has a large Minecraft Skyblock server and parkour, survival, and creative servers.

Suppose you need something different from what is offered. In that case, Manacube has an island game mode that tasks you with surviving on an almost submerged island while struggling not to have contact with the contaminated water.

There’s also Olympus, a prison-based server where you are given several plots of land, ranked as you make more money, and access to many new and profitable areas.

27. Fallen Kingdom

Server:Fallen Kingdom

If you are a fan of CaptainSparlez, then Fallen kingdom is a Minecraft server that will give you a similar experience. This server allows its players to create either a defense for a castle or train troops to attack an enemy’s defenses. 

You can use the custom resources to recruit troops against your enemies in war. You can do this by spending resources from the mining world or upgrading your items via the blacksmith. There are so many rides for your troops to take part in.

27. Fallen Kingdom

How to Identify the Best Minecraft Server for you

  1. Select the right type of gameplay. There are server descriptions or tags that will help you know all you need about the server. You should be familiar with these if you have played on popular servers before.
  2. Check the population. Most of these servers show you how many players are logged in. If the server you need is one for mini-games or to be a part of major projects, then you need a server with at least 100 people logged in. However, if you need one with an intimate community, look for a server with about 50 or fewer people online.
  3. Check for grief protection. Most survival servers mention this in their server description or tag. This feature makes it quite difficult for other players to destroy your belongings and buildings.
  4. Check for other technical info. There is other technical info that may show in the server description. If you’ve checked and cannot find the needed info, check out the server’s website or log in to the server and ask in chat. The technical info you could check for are:
  • Mods. You may have a favorite mod that you play with. Check for a server that will allow you to use the said mod. Some servers may even ask you to install a mod before you can join in.
  • Lag/ping time. This refers to how fast or slow the server is. You may not be able to find this without logging into the server. If you see many complaints about lags on the server forum, avoid such a server.
  • Minecraft version. The active servers always update to the latest version promptly. If the version number is lower than your own, change the version you use. You can do this by going to the ‘Edit Profile button, which is seen on the screen once you open Minecraft.
  • Online-time percentage: so many websites do not mention this. This is to show you how often a server is online. Ideally, a server should be 90%+ online.
  • Check out the server website. Look at the website page and the server’s forum post. Does the site have information about the rules of the server, its features, community, and staff? This is worth checking out because the best servers invest in their online presence and aim to make it user-friendly and informative.
  • Explore the server. A good server should always have good mods or admins to help you navigate the server or answer your questions. Join the games and the community to see if you will enjoy the experience.


The Minecraft server software is one of the best servers that exist. If you want an even better experience, learn how to make your own Minecraft server. However, building a whole world from scratch can be a major step for you, and you may need some help.

If you want to create a custom server, check out Minecraft adventure maps, which would aid you on your journey.

Because the Minecraft Server works very well with personal computers, the users can choose the server that will be user-friendly, give an exceptional gaming experience, as well as optimum experience. 

Additionally, as a gamer, you can choose to play with a group of friends or even create your own community. 

So, if you love Minecraft or you’re a professional gamer wanting to customize your own Minecraft server, the above list will help you make the right decision. 

Now, what is the best Minecraft software for you? We have given you several options and told you the best way to choose one for your use. The bottom line is to pick a server that gives you the best gaming experience.

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