Clever Creative Sticker Advertising Campaigns: Clever Campaigns

Clever Creative Sticker Advertising Campaigns

In today’s world, where competition is fierce, and attention spans are short, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to grab the attention of their target audience. 

One clever and effective way to do this is through sticker advertising campaigns. Stickers have long been a popular form of expression, and when used in advertising, they can leave a lasting impression on audiences. 

By placing stickers in unexpected places or using eye-catching designs, these campaigns can capture the interest of passersby and leave a lasting impression.

Let’s look at some of the most successful and imaginative sticker advertising campaigns that have caught consumers’ attention worldwide.

Clever Creative Sticker Advertising Campaigns

1. Jobs in Town

Jobs in Town

Stickers are an additional effective guerilla marketing campaign that can be used creatively. The most effective guerilla marketing strategies maximize the available space. They will also need various ways to implement novel marketing strategies in urban areas.

As part of its advertising campaign, a German employment site placed smart labels on coffee machines and ATMs. 

The concept underlying the stickers was a call to the audience not to be in the wrong job. The campaign was a resounding success, and the website recorded considerable traffic.

2. The Australian Public Transport Authority Anti-Graffiti Campaign

Geurilla marketing is an unconventional, low-cost marketing strategy that yields enormous results. Instead of spending a lot of money on standard advertising, advertisers are switching to stickers. 

The key to successful “guerrilla marketing” is to be creative and concentrate on getting people talking about your product. 

The Australian Public Transport Authority seemed to understand this. They went against graffiti artists vandalizing their buses through stickers. 

The campaign could have been conducted through various methods and multiple channels, including targeted social media advertisements. But they chose something else.

They launched a campaign to halt the graffiti vandalism permanently. Stickers of bound limbs were placed on the backs of bus benches to warn the street artists to discourage vandalism.

Vandalism and property destruction are undesirable and can make people feel uneasy. Typically, vandals do more than simply write graffiti. 

While writing graffiti, they may attempt to halt, delay, or damage schedules, put passengers in peril, or be cruel to anyone who comes their way. 

Graffiti vandals are frequently not merely artists who draw on walls but repeat offenders with no regard for public property or safety.

3. Lay’s – Jackson Tunnel

Lay’s – Jackson Tunnel

Lay’s has a distinctive marketing strategy that includes celebrity endorsements, social media campaigns, attractive packaging, various flavors, discounts, and free samples. The potato chip manufacturer, however, decided to pull something.

They placed this unusual project on the roof of Chicago’s Jackson Tunnel to commemorate local farmers. Subway riders have observed potatoes flourishing in porous soil beneath the subway tunnel.

This demonstrated that the products were grown locally rather than purchased inexpensively. The fact that Lay’s states, “Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think.” This demonstrates the company’s dedication to collaborating with local potato producers to produce its chips.

4. Steamy Streets

Interaction with the environment is one of the things that makes a sticker marketing strategy effective. Their new method for the Folgers brand is radical daring and plays on the fact that specialty coffee drinkers dislike it.

It pays homage to their New Orleans origins by shedding light on individuals of various ethnicities and backgrounds. This is in contrast to the 1850 brand, the new Folgers statement avoids sounding like the competition.

Take as an example the Folgers Steaming Coffee Mug. This coffee company placed a vinyl decal depicting a steaming cup of coffee on a city sewer cover. 

The vapor that emerges from the manhole resembles freshly poured coffee. It is a fundamental concept that makes excellent use of its surroundings.

When they see it, people will want to prepare a steaming cup of coffee. They even had their tagline with the ad; “Hey, City That Never Sleeps. Wake up. Folgers.”

5. Sweet Pete’s Advert

Sweet Pete's Advert

The welfare of cyclists on the road is the responsibility of motorists. Foot movement on the accelerator or a quick turn of the steering wheel an inch is all it takes to cause an accident. 

Drivers are constantly reminded to check their mirrors and blind spots. They should give cyclists space when passing, use indicators, and be cautious with their lighting at night.

Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop utilized this sticker sign to promote its brand, bicycle safety, and knowledge. 

On a more serious note, these stickers were placed on the side mirrors of stopped vehicles to remind drivers to inspect them before traveling.

6. Mr. Clean Street Stickers

Mr. Clean is an American trademark owned by Procter & Gamble. It came about as an all-purpose cleanser and an abrasive melamine foam sponge. 

It takes pride in helping remove stains and grime from homes. Melamine foam is a non-hazardous, adaptable cleansing material that can eliminate everything from stains to permanent marks.

The Mr. Clean street marketing campaign in New York City is a beautiful example of how effective decals can be for spreading your message. 

Stickers were placed on traffic bridges, with one line painted brighter than the others to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness. Not only did it generate conversation, but it is also difficult to ignore.

7. Have a Flu? Kleenex Got You

Kleenex Got You

The Kleenex brand owns the Kleenex trademark. Kleenex was inaugurally used as a disposable cloth for wiping cosmetics. In 1930, it debuted as an alternative to a handkerchief. 

Now, it is available in over 150 countries, boasting of being the world’s best-selling face paper. The tissues come in handy with sneezes, runny noses, and other common mishaps.

The company placed promotional stickers on public lavatory soap dispensers during the flu epidemic. 

Their objective was to demonstrate that Kleenex tissues are an effective method to capture and eliminate sneezing-causing viruses.

8. Light the Way

Light the Way

United States-based Duracell is globally renowned for its prowess in battery manufacturing. Duracell’s rechargeable batteries are perfect for cameras, MP3s, gaming consoles, and other high-powered devices.

Duracell’s stickers to market their products emphasize their utility and durability. They place vinyl decals on bright lights such as lampposts and bus beams. This advertisement illustrates how your flashlights should be when you use Duracell batteries.

9. Frontline Tick & Flea Spray

Frontline Tick & Flea Spray

Stickers on the floor spark curiosity when you come across them. A retail mall displayed a large floor decal of a dog scratching to advertise Frontline’s flea medicine for pets. 

This floor sticker makes the most sense when viewed from the second or third floor of the mall. People strolling on the pavements see the parasites troubling the dog.

The company devised a brilliant method to convince people to purchase its tick and flea medication.

10. Pedigree’s Pet Attraction

This advertisement for Pedigree clearly explains why you should purchase their product. They placed decals in front of grocery stores and pet stores that resembled a plate of treats and smelled like Pedigree dog food.

Every dog that passed was unable to remain away. They approached the decals and licked them. The decals not only deceive the dog’s eyes, but they also stimulate the dog’s desire to consume the food.

Stickers are an excellent method to demonstrate that canines enjoy their product, and this strategy is effective.

It eliminates any uncertainty regarding whether or not your dog will enjoy the sustenance you give him. How could you refute that it appeals to the target audience?

11. Natan Jewelry Brazil

One of the marketing campaigns you’ll come across is utilizing social media platforms. They include Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook to communicate with potential customers.

You can achieve this by publishing images of your jewelry frequently and engaging with your audience. 

Invest in paid advertising on these websites to reach more people and jewelry enthusiasts. However, there’s a company that thought otherwise.

The Brazilian jewelry company Natan placed decals on the mirrors of public lavatories. This allowed women to “try on” the novel necklaces while preparing themselves—talk of an effective marketing campaign.

12. Batman Begins

People globally are Batman’s enthusiasts, and they want to always have a unique Batman experience. To advertise the release of Batman Begins, stickers were placed on the ground lighting outside theaters. When the lights came on at night, the decals displayed his signal. What’s more beautiful than the bat signal?

13. Helping the needy

Sticker marketing is not limited to advertising companies and products. It can also be used to highlight significant social issues. Help the Homeless places nutritional value labels on the sides of waste cans to draw attention to homelessness.

The impoverished cannot afford a nutritious meal. They hope to discover a half-eaten sandwich. Better still, a takeout container that is still half-filled when the garbage is the only source of food available. 

This sticker campaign makes you consider what you can do to prevent homeless individuals from consuming out of garbage cans.

14. Jeep


People view Jeeps as rugged vehicles that can park virtually anywhere. This SUV’s four-wheel-drive system provides excellent hauling power and traction. This assists when traversing quagmire or uneven terrain.

What better way to convey this message than making parking locations difficult with vinyl sign stickers? 

The concept behind this subterranean advertising campaign is straightforward: Jeeps can fit in any parking spaces.

15. Tattoos on the Mirror

Tattoos on the Mirror

You have established your tattoo business and invested time, money, and passion. However, you need help with the most vital aspect: acquiring consumers. 

Given the size of your market and audience, you may be wondering what you can do to attract more consumers.

Tattoo shop marketing strategies can take time to devise and implement. It is always the objective of any service-based business proprietor to maintain a loyal consumer base.

You may want a tattoo, but you are still determining now. In New Zealand, a tattoo parlor placed stickers on the mirrors in the restrooms and dressing rooms. This was so that customers could try on tattoos before purchasing them.

16. Superman Movie

Superman Movie

The massive international release of Superman attracted many marketing partners from all over the world. Tom Meyer headed Marketing Arm’s entertainment division. 

The production company succeeded when the marketing tie-ins were distinct and targeted various audiences with different messages.

Using vinyl stickers to advertise the Superman film is an effective method of spreading the word. This will brighten anyone’s commute to work in the morning.

17. Indavideo


The key to a successful marketing plan is to create distinct and straightforward calls to action. A video-related business’s marketing strategy should include creating and uploading movies to promote a brand or a product and get more attention. 

It helps companies to acquire more customers, discover new ones, and expand their customer base.

Vodafone and Indavideó collaborated to publicize the launch of the mobile internet. They affixed decals to the bus windows to give the impression that passengers were viewing a video while the world passed by outside.

18. Canon – Waterproof Camera

Canon – Waterproof Camera

Canon manufactures a variety of imaging products, including printers and MRI devices. However, the corporation is best recognized as one of the world’s most excellent camera manufacturers.

Canon has a long history of producing high-quality lenses and cameras, so photographers adore the brand. Stickers were placed on sink lines in retail centers, restaurants, and gyms to promote Canon’s waterproof camera.

19. Red Cross

The mission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent is to aid those in need, whether during conflict. Or in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters or due to ongoing poverty. 

Know what to do in the event of an emergency? The Red Cross wants people to be aware of its CPR and First Aid training, so it created a decal depicting an injured or ill individual.

20. Irish Pub – Hot Wings

Irish Pub – Hot Wings

There are many best marketing methods, as it depends on the restaurant’s type, consumers, location, and other factors. However, there are a few fundamentals that all food-serving businesses must adhere to.

The best way to market your restaurant online is with high-quality images that induce drooling. Visual content is in high demand online these days.

It’s important to have photos that appear tasty on your website and as many social media sites as possible.

Restaurants sell themselves through advertising, promotions, and special events. These methods focus on customer loyalty, service, culinary design, price, and location. Several of how businesses can market themselves are enumerated above.

However, the restaurant and bar Le Cactus wanted to promote their “Monday Hot Wings” without spending much money. So, they devised this ingenious vinyl to cover the rear brake light.


Clever and creative sticker advertising campaigns have proven to be highly effective in capturing consumers’ attention and promoting brands uniquely. 

Using stickers as a medium, you can reach a wide audience and leave a lasting impression. Additionally, looking at past successful sticker campaigns, marketers can gain inspiration and ideas for their advertising strategies.

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