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Examples Of Typography Design

If you are looking for examples of typography designs, you are in the right place. Typography is more than just letters and words; it’s an art form that combines creativity and communication.  

It involves arranging and designing letters, fonts, and typefaces to create visually appealing and impactful designs. 

From book covers to posters, websites to logos, typography design can help capture attention, convey information, and evoke emotions. 

Here, we’ll explore some remarkable examples of typography design that showcase the creativity and skill of designers worldwide. 

These examples demonstrate how typography can enhance a design’s overall visual impact, create a unique brand identity, and effectively communicate messages to the target audience. Let’s get into it.

To make this article interesting, we’ll discuss some great websites featuring cool typography to inspire those looking to venture into web typography. We’ll also touch on some general typography that you can apply in general advertising posters or any other task.

25 Examples Of Web Typography Design

Here are some of the best web topography that you can browse for inspiration

1. Dale Alegria Macarena

Dale Alegria Macarena
Source: Dalealegriamacarena.com

Macarena’s approach to branding, which she refers to as “Branding for Humans,” is evident in her choice of typography. Her typography has a unique ability to humanize and create a tangible effect. 

The title font style evokes memories of poster design typography, making it an ideal choice for conveying a strong message with a bold personality. 

To balance the decorative text, Macarena uses a condensed sans-serif font to effectively communicate important details.

2. Dana Barkay

Dana Barkay
Source: danabarkay.com

Dana Barkay, a visual designer known for font expertise, proudly displays her skills on her website. She even showcases her custom font, Gofont. Dana skillfully arranges her content into a grid, maintaining a visual hierarchy.

With animated scroll effects, she breathes life into her typography, offering a captivating and interactive journey for visitors to dive into and explore.

3. Letter Of Ukraine

Letter Of Ukraine
Source: 33lettersforukraine.com

33 Letters for Ukraine is an initiative launched by three Polish entrepreneurs in 2022, aiming to engage 30 international designers in interpreting the Cyrillic alphabet within a span of 33 days. 

The designers working on the project face the additional challenge of presenting typography as an artistic medium while incorporating descriptive fonts that capture the essence of this unique endeavor. 

To accomplish this, they have used a combination of Menorah Grotesk, designed by Ivan Tsanko, and Kyiv Type by Dmytro Rastvortsev. 

These fonts have a distinctive decorative quality that adds a Cyrillic touch while maintaining readability.

4. Slug Club Kombucha

Slug Club Kombucha
Source: slugclubkombucha.com

When you visit the Slug Club Kombucha website, you’re immediately welcomed by a striking neon-colored font that’s both attention-grabbing and stylish. 

The large, colorful headline leaves a lasting impression while remaining easy to read against the clean white background.

5. Andrada Has  

Andrada Has  
Source: andradahas.com

In just three words, Andrada Has’s style can be described as elegant, eye-catching, and dynamic. She cleverly incorporates plenty of white space and pops of color to prevent any confusion from her experimental mish-mash of font styles. 

What’s even more impressive is her ability to use different font styles within individual words without compromising readability.

6. Ryan Haskins

Ryan Haskins
Source: ryanhaskins.com

Brutalist websites have become extremely popular and are predicted to be at the forefront of web design trends in 2023. Haskins, a designer, has mastered this bold and unconventional approach by using a diverse range of font styles that make a powerful visual statement. 

His ability to seamlessly blend these various styles together sets Haskins apart, giving his website a modern edge without overwhelming users. 

Despite at least 10 different fonts throughout his site, Haskins ensures that readability is prioritized by using a clean sans-serif font in areas where it matters the most.

7. Shiny Individual  

Shiny Individual  
Source: shinyindividual.com

In Shiny Individual’s case, their website uses elegant typography that mirrors the sophistication and finesse of their jewelry line. By varying font sizes, weights, and styles, they skillfully direct visitors through their site while consistently employing black text to emphasize key elements.

8. Camp Fire Coffee

Camp Fire Coffee
Source: campfirecoffeeco.co.uk

Campfire Coffee nails its typography for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, their fonts are clean, well-spaced, and highly legible. 

Secondly, their logo font is a prime illustration of choosing a typeface that complements the brand’s identity. The rugged, burnt appearance of the text perfectly conveys the brand’s mission.

9. Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska

Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska  
Source: fidlerowna.com

Joasia Fidler-Wieruszewska’s portfolio website gives off a sense of freshness and cleanliness. Through the clever combination of an ornate serif font and a sleek sans-serif font, the graphic designer effectively captures visitors’ attention and directs it towards the content of her site. 

Additionally, Fidler-Wieruszewska demonstrates her adeptness in utilizing white space to strategically frame her texts, resulting in improved user focus and readability.

10. OK Drugs

OK Drugs
Source: clarityincrazy.com

The typography on the Ok Drugs website pairs a 1970s-inspired header font with a stylish sans-serif font, adding character without being overpowering. 

They also use font sizes strategically, making headings and CTAs larger for emphasis and smaller, readable text for the body content, ensuring a clutter-free experience for visitors.

11. Plant Based Dough

Plant Based Dough
Source: plantbased-dough.com.au

PBDC uses typography that combines a clear, standard font with a playful, handwritten one. The whimsical lettering adds a touch of fun, making it effortless for visitors to navigate and grasp the website’s essence at a glance. 

Meanwhile, the clean sans-serif font ensures a smooth reading experience.

12. Word Tonic Community

Word Tonic Community
Source: wordtoniccommunity.com

Word Tonic, a brand targeting the Gen Z audience, has a website that screams trendiness. To attract an equally fashionable audience, Word Tonic uses fonts on their website that embody the cheeky and trendy vibe of the group. 

They combine playful decorative fonts for the site headers with a modern sans-serif font to clearly outline their objectives and services for interested visitors.

13. Blink My Brain

Blink My Brain
Source: blinkmybrain.wtf

The combination of futuristic metallic fonts and handwritten typography creates a sense of familiarity and intrigue. 

Even though the landing page is minimalistic, it effectively conveys that the designer possesses a talent for trendy font styles. This sneak peek of the artist’s skills will leave a lasting impression on visitors.

14. Derek McKechnie

Derek McKechnie
Source: derekmckechnie.com

Derek McKechnie’s approach to typography is characterized by a “more is more” influence, which leads him to rethink the traditional layout and create an exciting atmosphere for visitors. 

One particularly striking aspect of his work is the use of animated line work to outline his section on “Projects.” This adds a dynamic element to the composition and makes it visually engaging. 

Moreover, McKechnie’s unique use of typography is both stylish and effective. The clean sans serif fonts he employs allow visitors to easily identify each item on his website, enhancing the overall user experience.

15. Vanessa McKeown

Vanessa McKeown
Source: vanessamckeown.com

Vanessa McKeown’s digital portfolio showcases vibrant product photography set against unusual and surreal backgrounds. Her website’s design mirrors this distinctive style. 

Given the visual focus of her work, the website employs minimal typography, blending trendy pop aesthetics with lively bubble fonts and a neon-infused navigation menu.

16. Mr. Itamar

Mr. Itamar
Source: mritamar.com

Mr. Itamar’s website uses thoughtful typography to craft an engaging and visually appealing user experience. 

Instead of displaying all text simultaneously when a new section loads, the site uses seamless animations, skillfully timing the appearance of individual letters or words. This technique creates a natural and captivating transition for visitors.

17. Laura Zarate

Laura Zarate
Source: Laurazarate.com

Laura Zarate’s website features a minimalist approach to typography, which does not downgrade the qualities of her modern design. 

She establishes a solid foundation that enhances readability by using clean fonts in various sizes and weights. 

Additionally, Zarate effectively communicates the personality of her brand by combining her strong typographic choices with a mesh gradient background.

18. The Robin Collective

The Robin Collective
Source: therobincollective.co.uk

The website of The Robin Collective showcases a delightful application of typography that effectively captures the creative essence of the brand. 

They effectively convey their light-hearted yet professional demeanor by juxtaposing a refined sans-serif font for the main content and a whimsical script for the site title

. The brand’s careful selection of fonts and the strategic use of contrasting colors contribute to a successful balance between its playful personality and a gratifying user experience.

19. OFFF Barcelona

OFFF Barcelona
Source: offf.barcelona

OFFF Barcelona’s website is designed to cater to the discerning tastes of online and offline designers in their community. The website achieves this with a trendy typography composition that instantly captures attention. 

The minimalist font stretches from corner to corner, creating a bold and highly stylized homepage. Furthermore, the website uses horizontal scrolling effects subtly, enhancing the overall sophistication of the site.

20. Wendy Ju

Wendy Ju
Source: wenxinwendyju.com

Using user-friendly fonts like Avenir Next and incorporating animation, Wendy Ju has skillfully crafted a typography design that leaves a lasting impression. 

Ju strategically highlights certain words on her website using vibrant colors and hover effects to enhance the visual appeal and engage visitors. 

This additional layer of visual interest adds interactivity that sets her design apart and creates a more immersive user experience.

21. Magic Johns

Magic Johns
Source: magicjohns.com

Magic John’s is a perfect example of how typography can be used to accurately reflect the personality of a brand. The website’s homepage title uses a colorful and retro typography design that immediately sets the tone for the brand. 

The site designer skillfully layered a cartoonish cursive font over a bold outline font, creating a visually appealing and unique combination. 

The vibrant color scheme of royal blue, bright red, and pink reinforces the brand’s distinctive and unconventional character, setting it apart from typical pizza shops.

22. Lisa Kuroiwa

Lisa Kuroiwa
Source: graphic-post-b.com

While her typography leans towards minimalism, the site’s design is elevated through a cohesive text arrangement. Each page is thoughtfully spaced to ensure readers can effortlessly navigate and access the content they seek.

23. Tiffany Cruz

Tiffany Cruz
Source: tgtcruz.com

Cruz’s portfolio website strikes a perfect balance between professionalism and enjoyable browsing. Her clean and legible serif font incorporates captivating twists and angles.

Cruz expertly pairs her typography with vibrant backgrounds, vector graphics, and animations. Plus, the vividly colored text in her CTAs and buttons naturally guides your clicks.

24. Pink Chili

Pink Chili
Source: pinkchili.io

Pink Chili is a marketing firm that specializes in assisting businesses in connecting with Generation Z. The website reflects the traits of this particular generation, as it is filled with trendy elements. 

With minimal imagery and a heavy reliance on written content, the agency’s strategic use of typography becomes crucial. Positioned prominently above the fold, the brand name stands out in a bold, cherry-red serif font.

25. Agence Digi  

Agence Digi  
Source: agencedigi.com

Agence Digi stands out in the world of typography with its unique approach that goes beyond font choices and pairings. Their effective use of color and animation sets them apart from other websites. 

They also ensure that their content remains readable by utilizing capitalization and unembellished fonts, even amidst the use of animated effects, textures, gradients, and 3D lettering.

Other Typography Design Ideas

A). 3D Effects Topography

With the advent of PNG fonts and the emergence of color fonts, typography has taken a leap forward. Now, we have access to fonts that boast a stunning 3D effect, captivating the eye with brilliance. 

It is no surprise that 3D effects have become a significant trend in typography. Take a moment to explore these examples and allow them to inspire your typography layouts and designs.

  1. Color Paper Color Fonts
Color Paper Color Fonts
Source: elements.envato.com
  1. Flatlay Nature Alphabet
Flatlay Nature Alphabet
Source: pinimg.com


  1. Decorative Geomtry Typography
Decorative Geomtry Typography
Source: freepik.com
  1. Futuristic font typography
Futuristic font typography
Source: vecteezy.com
  1. 3D Marque lights typography
3D Marque lights typography
Source: designcuts.b-cdn.net
  1. Geometry Shapes Topography

Geometric shapes have always been a popular choice in the design world, and for good reason. These shapes have a timeless appeal and can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your creative typography logo designs and other important projects. 

With their clean lines and precise angles, geometric shapes are guaranteed to bring the “wow” factor to your designs. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or aiming to elevate your design game, typography layout designs featuring geometric shapes are a great place to start.

  1. Creative typography design
Creative typography design
Source: dribbble.com
  1. Alectro typography design 
Alectro typography design 
Source: pinimg.com
  1. Geometric typography
Geometric typography
Source: freepik.com
  1. Altos typography
Altos typography
Source: amazonaws.com

B). Glitch and Distortion Topography

Designers are now incorporating glitch and distortion effects, traditionally seen in video, into their typography to add a touch of edginess to their designs. 

These effects are becoming increasingly popular as they bring a unique and unconventional element to typography. 

Embracing the spirit of the eighties, incorporating glitch typography into your next design project will undoubtedly create a visually captivating and memorable piece.

  1. System glitch typography
System glitch typography
Source: imgix.net
  1. Digital font typography
Digital font typography
Source: freepik.com
  1. Uncracked glitch font
Uncracked glitch font
  1. Mokoto glitch typography
Mokoto glitch typography
Source: dfonts.org

C). Retro Typography Design Topography

Retro styles have a rich history that extends far beyond the eighties. The showcased examples are ideal for crafting visually captivating typography poster designs. 

Whether you’re aiming for a vintage Soviet-style poster or a vibrant and energetic seventies design, there is no shortage of inspiring typography examples.

  1. Gruvulicious retro groovy typography
Gruvulicious retro groovy typography
Source: justtheskills.com
  1. Groovy retro font typography
Groovy retro font typography
Source: designcuts.b-cdn.net
  1. Neville font typography
Secrets To Winning Your Case
Source: cufonfonts.com
  1. Retrohol condensed font
Retrohol condensed font

D). Handwritten Typography

Add a personal touch to your designs by incorporating elegant handwritten typography. This popular trend has been gaining momentum for some time now and doesn’t seem to be losing its appeal. 

These unique handwritten fonts are ideal for designing creative typography logos, although they can also be used to create signatures, sophisticated stationery, and much more. 

The possibilities are endless, and it’s up to you to unleash your creativity and decide what you will create with these elegant handwritten fonts.

  1. Monesstry handwritten font
Monesstry handwritten font
Source: cufonfonts.com
  1. Kalista typeface
Kalista typeface
Source: fontshut.com
  1. Estrela typography
Estrela typography
Source: dafont.com
  1. Anastacia creative typography
Anastacia creative typography
Source: cufonfonts.com

E). Outline Topography

This rapidly growing trend is taking the design world by storm, so take advantage of it before it becomes a thing of the past.

  1. Gibsons font typography
Gibsons font typography
Source: cgispread.com
  1. Sorreal outline typeface typography
Sorreal outline typeface typography
Source: imgix.net
  1. Melati modern font
Melati modern font
Source: raisproject.com

F). Textured Typography Design Ideas

Why not incorporate unique and captivating textures to enhance the impact of your design? Use these fonts to generate text that appears to be crafted from flowers, paper, stone, wood, and more. This innovative approach will allow your designs to stand out and captivate your audience’s attention.

  1. Floral font botanical alphabet 
Floral font botanical alphabet 
Source: etsystatic.com
  1. Cut out letters with scene creators
Cut out letters with scene creators
Source: creativemarket.com
  1. Abstract wood alphabet
Abstract wood alphabet
Source: freepik.com
  1. Black Planet 3D Typography
Black Planet 3D Typography
Source: masterbundles.com


The examples of typography designs we’ve shared are truly impressive and inspiring. Each design demonstrates the power and creativity that can be achieved through carefully selecting and arranging typefaces. 

From elegant and sophisticated designs to bold and eye-catching ones, a wide range of styles and techniques are on display. 

These examples show the importance of typography in visual communication, as it conveys information, evokes emotions, and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. 

Whether for branding, advertising, or web design, these typography designs serve as excellent sources of inspiration for designers and artists alike.

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