How To Add Font To Design Space: A Simple Guide

How To Add Font To Design Space

Do you wish to learn how to add a font to design space, precisely Cricut? If yes, this post is for you. While there are many fonts in the Cricut design space that you can use, you may want to use a custom font. 

Most of the Cricut fonts are free, while the premium ones are massively low-cost. However, the focus here is not the price of Cricut fonts. It is about adding custom fonts to your design space for your project. Follow the steps below

Can I Add Font To Cricut Design Space?

Yes, you can! That is why the Cricut Design Space is unique. You can add as many custom fonts for your project as you want. It offers that sort of flexibility. 

Adding your font to the Cricut Design Space app will make your creative work easier and faster. You can choose a font from an extensive collection of options to create your designs. That is what happens when you add custom fonts to the application. 

How Can You Find Fonts To Add To Your Design Space?

You can find fonts with ease on the internet. You can even download free fonts to use. There are many well-designed free fonts perfect for professional projects. You can download them and use them for free. 

Most of us used to download fonts online, not minding where they are from. But over the years, some fantastic platforms that provide good quality and irresistible fonts have popped up. 

So, if you’re looking for fonts to incorporate into your Cricut Design Space, check out the options below. 

  • Creative Market
  • Creative Fabrica
  • Font Bundles
  • The Hungry JPEG
  • Font Squirrel
  • 1001 Free Fonts

Is It Advisable To Add Free Font To Design Space?

People appreciate free things. And some free fonts are worth using. They are cool for personal projects. 

Unfortunately, numerous challenges come with free fonts. Firstly, most of them boast a personal use license, which means you can only use them for individual projects.

If you want to use a font for a project you plan to sell, you must ensure the font has a commercial use license. Using a free font with a personal use license for a commercial project can land you in trouble. So, it is not advisable. 

Another common issue with free fonts is that they are poorly designed. Using a poorly-designed font on a project you plan to sell or showcase to a wider audience is inappropriate. 

You can fix the poorly shaped fonts using techniques like kerning, letter spacing, and other solutions. Unfortunately, not everyone has time for such. Fixing a poorly designed font before using it can take time and effort. Purchasing fonts with a commercial license will save you the hassle. 

A Handy Tip: If you still want to use a free font, check the type of license the font has before using it. If it has a personal use license, ensure you use it only for individual projects. 

What Do .otf and .ttf Fonts Mean?

 When you download fonts, it will come in either of two formats – the .ttf or .oft. 

The.OTF fonts mean Open Type font, while the. TTF font means True Type font. 

What’s the difference between both font file types? 

When you compare the .otf and the .ttf fonts, you’ll notice that the former boasts more advanced features. The .otf fonts boast embellishments and memorable characters that offer more options when creating designs with type. 

So, when downloading fonts, ensure you download in the .otf format. But if you cannot download the font in the .oft format, the .ttf will also work perfectly. 

How To Add Font To Design Space

How can you get the custom fonts you seek in Cricut? That is the question we’re going to address. 

You can only use a font if you download it to your device. So, here, we will discuss how to add fonts to any device. 

We will discuss how to add fonts to PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. By the way, you can use Cricut on any device. You can create designs with type on the go straight on your mobile device. 

We have explained the two formats your fonts can come in. There is the .ttf and the .otf font. The latter is more robust and offers more advanced features. But as earlier explained, a .ttf font is acceptable. 

So, here is how to install the custom font on your device. Let’s start by explaining how to do it on PC, then we can move to Mac, and finally, mobile devices. 

1: Font Installation On PC

  • Click on the zip folder:  

After downloading the font, click on the zip folder. Inside the zip folder, you’ll find different files. Note that you have to unzip them.

  • Select all the fonts in the zip folder and click “Extract All.”
  • Choose where you want the folder located. For example, you can deposit the folder on your desktop. 
  • Go to where you extracted the folder and Select the unzipped font. Right-click and install it on your computer.  

A Handy Tip: Once you install the font on your computer, you can access it on the Cricut Design Space.  

2: Font installation on Mac

  • Download the font to your device. That is the first thing you need to do. 
  • The font will download to your computer as a zip folder. Please right-click on the folder to unzip it. 
  • Choose the three fonts and ctrl + click. This will bring out a menu. Choose “Open With” on the menu, then “Font Book.”
  • A box will appear for you to install the font on your computer. Click to install the font. You can access the installed font in your FontBook. 

 A Handy Tip: Downloading and installing the font on your computer is all you need to access your Cricut Design Space. 

3: Font installation on a mobile device (iPad or iOS):

You can download the font to your mobile device (iOS or iPad). But you must download a font manager before doing so. 

An example of a font manager you can use is the iFont application. It is one of the most popular font managers you can find. It is also what we will recommend for this process. 

So, if you have the font manager downloaded and installed on your mobile device, you’re ready to install the font on your mobile device. Let’s get started. 

  • Open the iFont app installed on your mobile device. On the lower toolbar, click the “Font Finder icon.”
  • You’ll find an extensive collection of fonts. Please choose the one you like to use and download it to your device.
  • In the bottom toolbar, click on the installer. Click the install button displayed next to the font. Allow any permission pop that appears while installing the font.
  • Close the iFont application.
  • Open your mobile phone’s settings.
  • Click on the icon “Profile Download.” Go to General>VPN>Device Management if you don’t find the “Profile Download” option in the device’s settings. After that, tap to install on your device. 
  • Provide your passcode once prompted, and next, click on “install.” If asked to “Allow” any permission settings, do so. 
  • For the final time, click on “install” to finish the installation process.  

4: Font installation on mobile (Android device)

Font installation on an Android device is as easy as installing fonts on an iPhone or iPad. The first step is to download a free font manager. You can use the iFont app. 

The iPhone app works for Android and iOS devices, including iPads. But remember that not all Android devices are compatible with this application. If the iPhone app can’t run smoothly on your Android device, use a different type of font manager. 

Here is how to download and install the font on your Android device. 

  • Download the iPhone app to your Android device and install it. 
  • After installation, open the font manager (iFont app) and click on the “Font Finder.”
  • Font finder will display a wide array of fonts for you. Please select the one you like and download it. 
  • After downloading the font, go to your “Download files” to locate the downloaded font file. 
  • If the font file is zipped ( .zip file), you have to extract the file before anything else. Select the file format from the ZIP you’d like your font to be. You have to choose between .otf and .ttf. Now, click on “Extract to.” Extract the file to Android SD Card > iFont > Custom.   
  • Open the font manager, and go to My > My Font. Get a font preview to know if you’re still cool with it, and install it on your device. 
  • That’s it; you have installed your dream font on your Android device. 

How To Add Fonts To Design Space

Installing the fonts in your computer means you can now access them and use them on Cricut. But how is this done? How can you access the fonts in the Design Space?

Follow the steps below to learn how to add your downloaded fonts to Cricut. 

1: Get the Cricut Design Space. Skip this section if you already have a Design Space. But if you don’t have it, download and install it. Cricut runs on Mac, PC, and mobile devices (iOS, iPad, and Androids).

2: Open the Design Space on the device you’re using. If the fonts don’t appear, restart the application. The issue will be resolved, and your fonts will show up correctly in the Cricut Design Space

  1. Create a new project by opening up a new Canvas
  2. Check the left toolbar and choose the text tool
  3. Hit the font drop-down menu. This will display the different font choices. Now, choose “System” to view only fonts installed on your system will be displayed. 
  4. If you choose the “All fonts” option, you’ll see both the Cricut and system-based fonts.   
  5. Choose the font you want from the list. The final step is to size and color the text as desired. 

Features of Great Cuttable Fonts

How do you identify a good font,  one that is cuttable? The truth of the matter is that all fonts aren’t the same. Some are much easier to cut and work with than others. 

You can identify fonts that are easy to cut or cuttable by analyzing each font before downloading. Look at the font carefully;  does it have a solid but smooth edge? If yes, then you can download it. 

There are specific fonts you should avoid. Examples include brush fonts, sketch fonts, and others with massive textures. Avoid these fonts, and you’ll be good. 

You can cut any font on your Cricut Design Space. The issue is time. Cutting fonts can be time-consuming and tedious when you have a project to work on. It is better to channel your energy to producing your design than cutting fonts. 


You have learned how to add font to design space. It is a simple process, as you can see. The first step is to download the font you want to your device. You can download the font to a PC, Mac, or mobile device. 

On a mobile device, you’ll need a font manager. An example of a good font manager serving users for a long while is the iFont app. Then, download and install the app on your mobile device before downloading, unzipping, and installing the fonts of your choice. 

Free fonts are great but aren’t the best options for commercial projects or ones you plan to sell. Besides, most free fonts come with a personal use license, which only allows you to use them for personal use. 

So, if you want to use your project for commercial purposes, purchase fonts with a commercial license. 

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