A Simple Guide on How To Put LinkedIn on Business Card

how to put linkedin on business card

Are you seeking a guide on how to put LinkedIn on a business card? Is it something important for businesses to do?

Business cards are meant to provide an easy way for clients to remember and reach you whenever they require your services. This, therefore, means they should contain all your contact details.

Adding your LinkedIn to your business card will give potential clients more opportunities to contact and learn about you. 

Here, we will discuss how you can add your LinkedIn profile to your business card and the benefits of doing so. Keep reading for more details.

The Reasons You Should Put Your LinkedIn Profile on Your Business Card 

Your business card is complete without a LinkedIn profile. Let’s be clear on that. Your phone number, address, and email allow anyone to reach you. Adding your LinkedIn profile sets you apart. It allows potential clients to connect with you differently. 

Adding your LinkedIn profile to your business card will enable you to connect with more people, especially those in your industry. It will also allow you to learn more about potential clients and employers. 

These are just some benefits of adding your LinkedIn profile to your business card. We will discuss why you should consider incorporating your LinkedIn profile in such important marketing material. 

 1: You’re showing potential clients that you mean business:

Who doesn’t like to do a deal with a serious-minded business person? Everyone does! If you take your business seriously, clients will take you seriously. 

LinkedIn is a professional networking site and a popular platform in the business community. Most people consider business owners on LinkedIn to be serious-minded people. They’ll start seeing your business as authentic. 

Most business owners don’t bother adding LinkedIn profiles to their business cards. They believe phone numbers, emails, website URLs, and social media handles are enough. But the truth is, they aren’t. 

A LinkedIn profile added to your business card offers something social media profiles can’t. We’re not talking about the marketing aspect. Of course, social media is a goldmine for businesses to get clients. 

Unfortunately, some business owners aren’t active on social media. The ones on the platform may not like to discuss business on social media. Social media is a platform for entertainment and fun. 

Let’s be serious: When did you last communicate with a significant client via social media? We’re talking about a client that will hand your company a deal worth billions of dollars. No marketer would dare to do that. 

2: Connect with professionals and clients online:

If you plan to hand out your business card to prospects and professionals at events or under any circumstances, ensure you have a LinkedIn profile printed on it. 

Why should you add your LinkedIn to your business card? The reason is to enable people to find and connect with you quickly. In other words, potential clients and professionals in the same industry as you won’t struggle or spend countless hours looking for you online. 

It is easy to locate people on LinkedIn. You’ll have to sieve through dozens of profiles bearing similar names on social media and may eventually not find the person after spending hours searching. 

So, if you want more clients and experts you give your business cards to connect with you online on a professional level, add your LinkedIn profile on your business card. It shows you’re serious about networking and you’re active online. 

3: Showcase your profile to prospects:

Telling a client or professional like yourself your experience, expertise, achievements, skills, qualifications, products, services, and projects won’t capture their attention significantly. Do you know why? The event has their complete attention. 

So, whatever you’re saying might not sink in. They have to go home, and if they find your business card, they might send you a request on LinkedIn. Then, they can look at your profile and how qualified you are. 

Sometimes, you may not remember to mention all the details about your qualifications and skill set when talking with a client face-to-face. The information on your LinkedIn profile was carefully put together and edited. So, you’ll probably capture essential details about your skill set and experience on your profile. 

So, add your LinkedIn profile to your business card. It allows potential clients to learn more about you.  

 4: Improve your credibility:

If you have a professionally-crafted LinkedIn profile, ensure you add it to your business card. Any client who looks up your LinkedIn profile and likes what they see won’t doubt your credibility.

Indicating your work portfolio, experience, skills, and achievements on your LinkedIn profile will improve your credibility and suitability for clients’ projects. Clients will also check your network of friends. 

If you publish quality content on LinkedIn, you can easily prove your worth to clients. You’ll also establish your expertise and knowledge of the field, something clients like.

5: Shows you’re ready to network:

People who appreciate and use every opportunity to network are growth-minded. Not everyone enjoys networking or can comfortably walk up to someone for the first time, initiate conversation, and give them a business card. 

So, adding your LinkedIn profile to your business card indicates you’re serious about networking. It is also a great marketing strategy to connect with potential clients on different levels. 

How To Put LinkedIn on a Business Card

We will discuss steps to add a LinkedIn profile to your business card. Let’s assume you already have a LinkedIn profile.

One important thing you should do before adding your LinkedIn profile to your business card is check if your profile is public. Setting your profile to “public” means anyone who searches the platform with your name will find you. But that won’t happen if your profile is “private.”

So, head to your LinkedIn profile’s privacy settings and change to “public.” After that, you can now focus on adding your profile to your business card. 

Follow the steps to make your LinkedIn profile “public” so anyone searching for you on the platform can easily find you. 

1: Visit LinkedIn’s official website

2: Log into your LinkedIn account

3: Edit your profile and add new information if need be. You want your profile to be as captivating and robust as possible. Use a high-quality picture (most recent picture) and ensure you’re appropriately dressed as a professional in the picture. 

4: Click on the “Me” icon located at the top of the page

5: Click on “View Profile.”

6: Hit the “Edit” icon beneath your profile photo

7: Hit the “pencil” icon next to your profile URL.

8: Choose the radio button. It’s close to the “Make My Public Profile Visible to Everyone.” Once you’re done with that, click the “save” icon. 

If there was a reason you made your LinkedIn profile private, ensure you fix the problem before thinking of adding the profile to your business card. 

How can you add a LinkedIn profile to your business card? Follow the steps below. 

  • Visit LinkedIn’s official website. Access it on your web browser
  • Log into your LinkedIn account
  • Go to your profile page and click “Edit” underneath the profile photo. 
  • Choose the pencil icon next close to your public profile URL
  • Copy the URL of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Add the URL under your name on your business card. You can also incorporate the URL in the business information section
  • Double-check to ensure you didn’t make any mistake. You can open the URL in a new browser to see if it opens. 
  • Print business cards.   

Should You Hire A Graphic Designer To Create A Business Card For You?

The answer is yes. Do you know why? Your business card is an important marketing material. It is your potential client’s first exposure to you. So, make it unique and irresistible. 

Furthermore, remember that other people are in the event you’re networking, and they are busy distributing their business cards to clients. So, the client you’re targeting may have received several business cards from companies like yours. 

Clients will keep a business card in a special place in their car, home, or office when it is top-quality. 


This guide contains information on how to put a LinkedIn profile on a business card. You can see the benefits doing this will bring to your business. It will give potential clients another means to contact you.

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is public before adding to your business card. Public means anyone who searches for your profile will find it. 

Incorporate your LinkedIn profile on your business card, and start marketing your company to prospects.  

Md. Julhas Alam, is a seasoned entrepreneur, and top-rated digital marketing professional. He has dedicated over a decade of his life, helping businesses succeed online. Julhas Alam is the founder of several leading digital marketing companies, BitChip Digital, Outreach Link Agency, and Go Savvy SEO . He has helped hundreds of online businesses save millions of dollars, generate millions of dollars in revenue and grow, through result-driven digital marketing services.