Privacy Policy

Welcome to Pelfusion officially. This privacy policy details how we access, collect, use, store, process, and request data from visitors. 

By visiting this blog, website, or platform (Pelfusion), you agree to abide by the privacy policy and details herein. You can discontinue using this website if you do not wish to abide by our privacy policy information herein. 

Information we collect:

  • Personal information: We may request, collect, store, or use your personal information. These include information you provide to use while navigating this website. Personal information enables us to serve you better. We may use the information to provide you with updates, newsletters, notifications, and responses to comments. The information we may collect includes emails, phone numbers, contact addresses, names, and others. 
  • Information made available automatically: This includes information made available automatically when you visit and navigate this website. These include IP address, browser type, operating system, and others. Information collected automatically enables us to gather demographic details, analyze trends, and track movement on the website (Pelfusion).
  • Cookies: This website uses cookies. Cookies are harmless. They make it possible to track, store, and save visitors’ sessions, making it easier for them to gain access to the website whenever they return. 

How We Use Your Data

We use your data to understand your preferences and serve you better. We do not sell, distribute, rent, gift, or expose visitors’ data to third parties. 

We can only release data if legally requested by law enforcement agencies or if doing so will help save someone’s life. 

Link To Third Party Sites

We do not have any control over links to third-party websites on this platform. We urge our visitors to read the privacy policy and terms of use of third-party sites before making any commitment. 

We would not be held liable for any hurt, injuries, failures, disappointments, mistakes, damages, and others by virtue of this website. 

Change of Privacy Policy

We, us, Pelfusion, reserve the right to modify, change, suspend, change, alter, add, remove or adjust information on this website without prior notice. We urge you to visit and read this privacy policy from time to time. Whenever you gain access to this website, you automatically agree to abide by the privacy policy herein. 

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