Tutorials Of 3D Effects Using Photoshop: Getting Started With 3D Mockups

Tutorials Of 3D Effects Using Photoshop.

Do you wish for your photos to pop out on the screen? If that’s the case, you need to go through these tutorials on 3D effects using Photoshop

The app is awesome for creating incredible 3D effects. Even if you’re new to Photoshop, the process is simple and fast with tutorials.

Adobe frequently adds new capabilities to Photoshop, such as the new Firefly Generative Fill capability. 

Photoshop tutorials are the best method to rapidly learn how these new features function and determine if you could integrate them into your workflow. 

These courses are ideal for Photoshop beginners and seasoned designers looking for a refresher course. Utilize the links below to navigate to specific course sections and other popular topics. 

3D Text

This Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create 3D shapes and Text. You can edit the 3D project later on and customize it as desired, too. The Tutorial addresses the essential information necessary to use Photoshop for your 3D texts rapidly.

How to Make 3D Text in Photoshop Tutorial

Pop Out Effect

Learn how to create an entertaining and straightforward 3D pop-up effect in which the subject of your photograph appears to rise and leap out of the frame. The Tutorial helps you create a 3D Pop-Out Effect in Photoshop using two simple Layer Masks. 

3D POP OUT Effect in Photoshop – Version 2

3D Typography Effect

Adding Text to a picture using Photoshop through the “Type” tool is simple. But what if, with a few more steps, you could create stunning 3D Text in Photoshop? 

You can create 3D Text rapidly and effortlessly with Photoshop! Following this detailed Tutorial, you can create 3D Text in Photoshop in minutes.

3D Typography Effect in Photoshop | Photoshop Tutorial

Convert 2D Logo to 3D

Contrary to popular belief that particular software is required to create a 3D logo, Adobe does it effectively. It is simple to convert a 2D logo into a 3D one. This step-by-step Adobe Photoshop tutorial teaches you to render your desired logo in 3D.

How to Convert 2D to 3D Logo in Photoshop

The 3D Contrast in Photoshop

This Photoshop Contrast editing and post-processing tutorial will teach you how to use the most recent Photoshop editing techniques to give your landscape photograph the best possible contrast.

 It’ll help you see haze between high points in the sun’s direction in your images, adjust shadow accordingly, and end up with a colorful scene. 

The Hidden “3D Contrast” in Photoshop!

3D Text Effect in Photoshop

If you are interested in Photoshop text effects, this Tutorial will demonstrate how to create 3D Text quickly. Give your texts a shape, determine the light source, and render it. You will need Photoshop CC or CS6 Extended. 

Photoshop Text Effect 3D | Text Effect Photoshop PSD free download

3D Luminosity

There are undoubtedly at least ten methods to accomplish everything in Photoshop. This excellent video tutorial will demonstrate how to use Photoshop to highlight a photo subject’s face. 

Using 3D Luminosity on Portraits with Photoshop

3D Caricature Character in Photoshop

Learn how to make cartoons from a photograph in Photoshop. The remaining stages include various inputs, duplicating layers, and learning how to make good decisions with a few recommendations. 

Easily Create a 3D Caricature Character in Photoshop | tutorial

Mockups with Complex 3D Shapes

Learn how to apply patterns or images around any object to create highly customizable product prototypes using Photoshop’s advanced perspectives.

The pattern will be encased in a Perspective Warp to create a void where the design can be modified, updated, moved, or altered. 

How to Create Mockups with Complex 3D Shapes! – Photoshop Tutorial

3D Modeling

To completely comprehend what Adobe Photoshop can do, you must put in a lot of work. This Tutorial examines Photoshop from a new perspective: as a design tool for creating realistic-looking objects and 3D models.

3D MODELING Learn how to create custom 3D object in Photoshop CC 2021

Post Production 

Post-production should be a tool in every artist’s arsenal for creating 3D scenarios. How you use it in this situation is entirely up to you.

Using post-production effectively can expedite your work and elevate your designs to the next level. 

This Tutorial will educate you on how to use post-production as more than just a scene-adding application.

Photoshop 2020 | Fast Post-Production (Amazing Render)

Architectural Visualization

In this Photoshop architecture rendering Tutorial, we will discuss how to complete a Photoshop architectural visualization. Follow the stages and implement some concepts in your next building graphics project.

How to Architectural Visualization – Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Generative AI

Early this year, Adobe debuted Photoshop AI-generated fill, representing the next significant advancement in image manipulation. This lesson will discuss the Photoshop AI-generated fill tool, its capabilities, and its proper usage.

Speed Up Your Post Production with Photoshop Generative AI – 3D Rendering.

Rendering 3D Object

Learn how to implement 3D in Photoshop CC effectively. This Tutorial teaches you how to use Photoshop 3D’s 3D features. 

Texturing and illumination are two areas in which Photoshop excels. For you to achieve success, it is necessary to adhere to the 3D process. 

Render A Selection of your 3D object in Photoshop

Plan Rendering

In 3D Rendering, you create a 3D model of the object or scene, add materials and textures, adjust the lighting and camera angles, and then use specialized software to calculate and create the final image or film. 

Plan Rendering in Photoshop

Textured Renders

3D Rendering is an essential instrument for architects, designers, and others in the design and visualization industry.

It allows them to create highly realistic and detailed images of their designs, which helps them communicate their ideas and make intelligent decisions. Photoshop can be used to create textured renders with a straightforward technique. 

Making Textured Renders with a simple trick in Photoshop!

Animating 3D Objects

You can animate a 3D object in Photoshop to make it appear moving through space and alter its appearance over time. Learn how through this Tutorial and create visually appealing animations.

How to animate 3D objects in Photoshop: an Animation Introduction

3D Rotating Objects

This video shows how to rotate and the purpose of each rotation method. You will learn how to turn the perspective screen in Photoshop and text, images, objects, and selections.

photoshop cc how to make the 3D rotating object

Make Flat Photos Have the 3D Effect

In this Photoshop tutorial, we’ll learn how to create an entertaining 3D pop-up effect that gives the impression that your primary subject is leaping out of a flat image.

Use Photoshop’s Warp tool to distort the image’s boundaries and add a custom shadow below. A few steps are involved in achieving the desired appearance, but they are all simple and straightforward. 

Make Flat Photos Look 3D with Photoshop!

Make Your Photo Pop in 3D

Do you wish for your photos to stand out on the screen? Photoshop makes your image appear three-dimensional. The process is simple and fast, even if you’ve never used Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial: Boost Depth & Make Photo “Pop” (Look More 3D!) | Portrait Photography

How to use the Photoshop Brush tool

This Photoshop tutorial helps you learn how to use the Brush tool. This guide explains in detail what each icon in the Brush menu does for your 3D project.

3D Photo Collage Mockup

This Photoshop video demonstrates creating a straightforward photo composite by combining images. You can use this technique to make your photo collages and eventually expand on your concepts to create more intricate designs.

3D Photo Collage Mockup PSD !! How to Make Photo Collage in Photoshop

Applying Filters in 3D

Learn how to use filters to alter the appearance of an image rapidly. As this Photoshop tutorial shows, you can also mix filters to get various results.

How to use 3D Filters in Adobe Photoshop CC (Bump Maps & Normal Maps) (Every Filter Explained Ep. 4)

How to use Photoshop layer masks

This 3D layers tutorial will help you enhance your digital creative process. Layer masks are one of the most fundamental elements of the program, as any new user soon discovers. 

With them, your work would be interesting. Utilize these strategies and techniques to work more efficiently. 

 3D Layers | Photoshop CC Tutorial #100/365

Getting Started With 3D

This Tutorial outlines ten steps that teach you how to work with layers, combine photographs, apply layer masks, and add original graphics, Text, and effects. 

Then, you can use your imagination to create a straightforward, unique collage for Printing or posting online.

10 Steps to Getting Started With 3D | Photoshop Tutorial

Creating 3d Memes

Memes are currently popular on social media, and the ability to create them is a valuable skill. How to Create a 3D Meme in Photoshop is one of the most sought-after Photoshop tutorials. Remember to have fun.

Making the Spider-Man Meme REALISTIC!

Merging 3D Layers

The Tutorial explains the layer system, which is the key to the software’s flexibility. This section will teach you how to create, secure, organize, and adjust layers’ opacity.

Photoshop 3D Painting

The Tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple digital picture from start to finish. If you can paint with pigments on a canvas, you can employ many of the same techniques in Photoshop.

Photoshop 3D painting – The Lonely Parade

3D Anaglyph Effect in Photoshop

This brief Photoshop lesson will teach you how to alter an image’s quality. The video demonstrates how to brighten and add color to photos in Photoshop to create stunning anaglyphs in 3D.

How to Apply a 3D Anaglyph Effect in Photoshop

3D Shadow Tutorials for Beginners

Are you pressed for time and need to learn more about shadows? This is a straightforward Photoshop tutorial for novices available online. It walks you through the primary tools and layout, providing a comprehensive overview of how to go about shadows.

How To Make Realistic Shadows in Photoshop [Technique That You Probably Don’t Know]

Get to know Photoshop Tutorial

Get to Know Photoshop is a series of courses created by Adobe that teaches the fundamental tools and techniques of the software. It introduces the work area and a few basics before you begin working on your 3D project.

PDF – https://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/photoshop_reference.pdf 

Master Shortcuts For Your 3D Project

Photoshop provides keyboard shortcuts for nearly all functions and tasks. Utilizing quick controls to save time and effort is a clever method to work. Expert Photoshop users prefer to use auxiliary keys rather than the main bar.

19 AMAZING Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts You (Probably) DON’T Know

Photoshop Image Manipulation 3D

Photoshop manipulation tutorials are the simplest method to master the most remarkable photo editing effects. This Tutorial is packed with fantastic ideas for creating objects, magical worlds, and astounding results. 

3D Island Photoshop Digital Art And Manipulation Tutorial

Digital Imaging

Adobe Photoshop is a well-known and capable digital image editing program. It allows you to create prototypes modify and enhance them as needed. 

Not only are these courses entertaining to try out, but they are also helpful if you are a professional photographer or designer.

Wonderful Indonesia – Digital Imaging Tutorial with Photoshop

3D Printing

This lesson will demonstrate how to create 3D models using Photoshop CC. This lesson will teach you how to utilize various perspectives, make modifications in 3D space and on the UV, and 3D print your model. 

Adobe Digital Imaging and 3D Printing in Photoshop CC

Photoshop 3D Tips

Photoshop is a tool that is simple to use but challenging to master. Advantageously, we have a comprehensive list of tips, techniques, and remedies for Adobe’s flagship product.

10 Photoshop Tips EVERY 3D Artist Must Know!

Photoshop Mockup Error

Are you unable to modify the model’s designs? The sample file is now inoperable due to a Photoshop malfunction this morning. 

There’s an issue with my Preferences? Well, here are the solutions to problems you might encounter in your mockups

Solution to Photoshop mockup error: 3D features are being discontinued

Fixing Inactive 3D

Why are all my 3D options grayed out and labeled “temporarily unavailable”? I cannot create a new 3D extrusion from a chosen layer. Nothing is working. Thanks to this tutorial, it’ll help you out when you run into similar problems.

How to fix 3D not active on Photoshop

Getting Out of 3D Mode in Photoshop

Here are the steps to exit the 3D view in Photoshop. This Tutorial helps you return Photoshop to its home page. You may also select one of the preset workspaces or experiment with one of the other pre-configured workspaces.

How to Get Out of 3D Mode in Photoshop

Advanced 3D Features

Adobe did away with Photoshop’s 3D capabilities, which allowed for importing and exporting 3D files, 3D illumination effects, 3D Text and extrusions, and editing circular panoramas. Here are advanced features you can make use of.

Advanced 3D Features of Photoshop CC | Episode 19

Enabling 3D Option

To perform in 3D, you must complete a few steps in Photoshop. First, you must enable the 3D feature in the application. Learn how to select 3D content for use. 

How to Enable 3D Options in Photoshop cc 2018/2019/2020/2021

Mistakes to Avoid

It’s astonishing how many beneficial tools Photoshop possesses. However, it can take time to choose the ones that are ideal for the job at hand. Learn more about mistakes to avoid. 

Top 5 Photoshop Mistakes to Avoid | Photoshop Tutorial

Simulating 3D Shapes

Learn how to Simulate 3D Shapes demonstrates how to create a simulation, utilize the most essential tools, and modify the boundaries of your 3D Mockup.

The Basics of Simulating 3D Shapes in Photoshop

Using Perspective Warp

The Perspective Warp tool allows you to alter the angle of your photo. It can rotate buildings and objects, make telephoto images appear like they were taken with a wide-angle lens, and correct several issues in less than one minute. 

How to use Perspective Warp

Changing Perspective in Your Mockups

The primary function of the Perspective Warp tool was to alter how an object appeared from your perspective. 

The Perspective Warp tool corrects photographs taken from the wrong angles without retaking the picture.

How to Change The Perspective of ANYTHING In Photoshop – Perspective Warp Guide

Adding Realistic 3D Texts in Photos

In this session, you will learn how to create a piece of 3D artwork with actual 3D Text. You’ll also learn how to alter photographs using simple adjustments and tools. 

Add a 3D Text to a Real Photo (Advanced) | Photoshop CC

Creating a 3D Logo

This step-by-step Adobe Photoshop guide will demonstrate how to transform your logo into a mind-blowing 3D image. This tutorial guides you on creating the shadows and adjusting the contrast and smudge effects.

How to Make 3D Logo Design in Photoshop

Creating 3D Poster

Textures, images, and typefaces can be combined to create an eye-catching design. The only way to create something novel is to combine already employed methods. We will create 2D and 3D graphics for our posters in this course.

Create a 3D poster in Photoshop

Creating 3D Book Covers

This is a detailed guide to creating a 3D book cover in Photoshop. This could be used to improve the appearance of your 2D flat book cover. It helps visualize how an unprinted book will appear.

3D Book Cover Mockups for Photoshop – CoverActionPro.net

Watch Out for New Updates

If you’re familiar with Photoshop and want to know what’s new in beta version 25.1, this brief YouTube video is a decent place to start. 

Photoshop Beta 2024 Version 25.1: Introducing Parametric Filter


If you’re still familiar with Adobe Photoshop, the number of panels, icons, and tools on the screen may appear daunting. 

Watching and following along with training videos is one of the simplest methods to acquire new Photoshop skills. If you want to learn about a specific aspect of Photoshop, you can also search Google for a helpful video tutorial.

If you want to improve your Photoshop skills, the above-provided tutorials will assist you—time to get creative.

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